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i'm not sure which side i'm on anymore.

(version two. and no, i don't have a black eye. i have dark circles! :\)


i hate to admit it, but i've falling in all different directions. either that, or karma and i are having a foot-race to the finish line. it's not easy at the moment. it's hard to explain as well. but anyway...


here are some things that have been going on, incase you're wondering or if you care:

1. i've moved back home for good. yep, that's right... no more saginaw valley for me. i've been pretty set on the decision for a while now. i officially moved everything back to my house last week, and it feels like a burden has been lifted from my shoulders.

2. i've ended my relationship with robby. i don't plan on regretting it anytime soon, no matter how many nasty/harsh text messages he sends me. it was for the best, whether he wants to believe it or not.

3. winter is kicking my ass right now, as you can see by the lack of photos i've been uploading. i loath this weather. i wish it would just go away. i feel sick, but i don't know if i really am. i plan to go to the doctor's soon.


if you have AIM and you're bored, i'm always up for a random conversation. my screen name is at the bottom of my profile page. and plus, i'd love to talk to my fellow photographers. you guys are phenomenal.



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Taken on December 17, 2008