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Alameda Field/Hylozoic Series 7 installed at Laboratorio Almeda, Mexico City, Mexico.


The Hylozoic Ground experimental architecture series developed by architect Philip Beesley and engineer Rob Gorbet has been expanded and refined by researchers, engineers and designers from around the world. An interactive geotextile mesh that senses human occupants, Hylozoic Ground transforms a static building into a responsive environment, filling it with a kind of mechanical empathy. The space functions like a giant lung that breathes in and out around its occupants in peristaltic waves of lightweight pores.


The Hylozoic Series is an ongoing research exploration at the boundary of art, architecture, and engineering. It is an experimental responsive architectural environment which explores the changing relationship between buildings and their occupants, with a view towards creating a more empathic experience. Relying on a network of dozens of distributed embedded controllers, sensors, and hundreds of specialized, silent shape-memory alloy based actuators distributed among a crystalline meshwork manufactured from laser-cut acrylic, it creates an experience for occupants of the space which is variously described as everything from "gentle and soothing" to "aggressive, creepy and anxiety-making".

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Taken on May 5, 2010