The vortex in the sky

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    1. alonsodr 53 months ago | reply

      Absolutely great night shot!

    2. masterofmadness 53 months ago | reply

      Ditto all the other comments! This is a great shot. Where's it at?

      When you mention 'dark frame', I'm assuming this is multiple exposures, stacked and blended in Photoshop? That's how I've done mine, though I haven't got one like this - yet. Any other 'secrets' to pass on?

      The dark frame does help though, and the multiple exposures helps with noise, but it's hard to not get 'jaggies' on the stars. On my latest one, I use a small 3-lb bag of pea gravel (or small decorative rocks from my bonsai supplies) laid across the body/lens now, along with a bag of rocks hanging from the tripod post (and the usual mirror lock-up, cable release stuff). Yes, get a battery grip with extra battery. I'm limited to about 45 minutes myself with a single battery, though Canon does make an adaptor that I can plug into the 12v port on my truck - for way too much money. I'm sure Nikon's got something similar.

      I actually need a new camera instead, but Santa's already said I don't get one - she's broke.

    3. .Bala 53 months ago | reply

      : Thanks folks!

      : Thanks Jerry. The exposure was almost 82 minutes.

      : Thanks a lot, Tony! This is at Mono Lake in California (east of the Sierras.. Just outside of Yosemite).

      This shot is a single long exposure. I did not try any stacking for this one. I've read about people stacking to get less noise in their exposures, but I'm pretty happy with my camera's noise performance for now to try anything else. I have heard that stacking causes jumps between trails and a single exposure gives smoother 'trails'. I'm tempted to try stacking, but I suppose I'm too impatient to wait for over an hour to find out it wasn't worth it.

      I was going to take a dark frame for another 80 more minutes (with the lens cap on), so I can cancel out the noise/hot-pixels. The last time I tried, my camera ran out of juice while exposing for the dark frame (I did that with the in-camera long-exposure NR).

      As for the battery grip, I was wondering if I could hot-swap AA batteries while on the tripod. [Set camera preference to use grip batteries first, and replace the grip batteries after the camera switched to the inbuilt batteries]. I tried it with a third party OEM grip but it was too problematic with AA batteries.

      The best part about shots like these is that it is ridiculously simple to take. People have a hard time believing when I tell them there is little technique/skill/secrets involved - just patience :).. All I do is put my camera on my tripod and wait... The only 'secret' is getting to a place that has dark enough skies (I think Eastern WA is fantastic for that)

      Santa isn't being much help this year for me, either :) Hopefully Santa will save up for some toys next year!

    4. NicolasArg 53 months ago | reply

      Well, I did try stacking for night shots and it works pretty well, but I didn't find it to be THAT dramatically better. I really find myself enjoying more the "one shot" photography now, IMO it leaves more time to the actual scene planning.
      What really made my mind about it, was a print I made from a iso3200 night shot. On screen, it looked noisy, but after a pass of noise ninja and on paper, magically, the noise is perceived like just a bit of old time film grain and the non photographer audience don't even notice it.
      It's a matter of personal taste and print experimentation of course.
      Great shot and wonderful execution.

    5. Ruth Yates 48 months ago | reply

      Amazing shot, love viewing your gallery.

    6. bertdennisonphotography 45 months ago | reply

      beautiful work!! love mono lake!

    7. geoloves 44 months ago | reply

      the beginning the end

    8. Stanislav Rico 40 months ago | reply

      outstanding shot

    9. bradsharp54 39 months ago | reply

      Wow! That's amazing!

    10. Sandeep Sahdev 33 months ago | reply

      I simply loved the single clicked therapy...

    11. .Bala 33 months ago | reply

      : I'm not sure what that means, but thanks for liking the photo (if that is what you meant)

    12. cecex88 33 months ago | reply

      ehi dude which was the setting for the pic??

      it's great!! amazing..

    13. .Bala 33 months ago | reply

      : Thanks for the kind words. My camera settings were: f4, 80mins, ISO 200 at 17mm.

    14. ~*THAT KID RICH*~ 28 months ago | reply

      Impressive work!!

    15. citkatboy 27 months ago | reply

      how do u get that colour of sky?? post processing??

    16. .Bala 27 months ago | reply

      : The color of the sky is from light pollution

    17. jordanalandax 26 months ago | reply

      this is absolutely outstanding!!

    18. johan de Cocq 23 months ago | reply

      very nice shot !

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