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Kirkland Signature Brand Cat Food

So Far, so good! As many of you know, my boy Skeeter (pictured here) is a very large Oreenge Tabby. Only two and half years old, Skeeter has been seriously overweight all of his adult life. We have tried several things to help him stop gaining weight, including feeding him limited amounts of dry food (essentially starving the poor boy), switching to wet food (which was messy and more work and ineffective), and for the last year Skeeter has been on expensive, so-called "Diet", or "Light" crunchies. Still, no matter what we tried, Skeeter was dangerously obese, weighing up to 25 pounds. His poor body was bloated and round, and he had little energy. His personality was dull, and he basically slept 22 hours a day. Skeeter was absolutely an Oreenge couch potato, with a short life expectancy.


Angered at paying $69 (before tax) a bag for Vet recommended Science Diet brand “light” cat food that wasn’t helping our cats, I became motivated to learn more about cat food products. Was there possibly a different brand we could buy that would be good for our babies? Was there perhaps a less expensive brand of quality cat food that we were unaware of?


I began looking around the pet stores in my area for alternative brands of cat foods, taking note of some names I had not previously considered. I already knew that most brands available everywhere in stores like Wal-Mart were essentially “McDonald’s for cats”. But I wanted to know what made any food poor quality, or what made another food better?


One day, while shopping at my local Costco Membership Warehouse, I noticed they only carried two brands of cat chow. One was Whiskas, and the other was their own brand, Kirkland Signature Brand cat chow. The large Whiskas bag was priced at $25, and the slightly smaller bag of Kirkland food was priced at just $15. I read the ingredients labels on both of them, which were very different from each other, but not properly educated yet about the pros and cons of pet foods, I really couldn’t tell if either food was worth the bag it was in.


Armed with several cat food names and prices, I sat down in front of my computer to have a look-see. What I found was astonishing. I couldn’t believe the details available to explain what does or does not make a cat food any good. After a few well-spent hours of reading, I knew exactly what to look for on a cat food label, and what to avoid. I was shocked to learn the real story of what pet food companies are doing to our pets, and how they are legally allowed to get away with it. I learned that even the way they label their products is tricky, and has little meaning. Did you know that just because a food is labelled “Diet” or “Light” it doesn’t legally mean a single thing in the bag has to be low calorie or low fat? Most pet food labels are nothing more than marketing hooks to get your attention and sucker you into buying their brand.


I also couldn’t believe what things are allowed to go into most pet food products, and why. Check out the information for yourself, and you too will see what is wrong with most commercially available pet foods. It will open your eyes, disgust you, and motivate you to find a quality brand of food for your beloved pet(s).


So, once I knew what to look for, I wanted to know who really had a quality food, and where to get it as fast as possible, regardless of price. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the absolute cheapest available dry cat food is also the highest quality dry cat food!! According to my research, Kirkland Signature Brand Cat Chow is awesome. It has all the ingredients your pets need, and none of the nasty things they don’t need.


But I wanted to know for myself before I started telling anyone what I thought I had discovered. I purchased the first bag of Kirkland cat chow about a month ago. I felt giddy paying $54 LESS for the bag than I had usually been paying to buy Science Diet “Light”, and laughed all the way home. That's a savings of nearly $600 every year! And the savings from just one bag is enough to pay for the entire year’s membership at Costco!


Skeeter and Neko and TJ all seemed to immediately like the Kirkland cat chow. The transition to the new food was easy, and the boys seemed to tolerate it well. They had no vomiting and only a little diarrhea. After just one week, the results were noticeable, especially on Skeeter. He was already thinner, and more active. His personality began to change too. He became more interactive and alert with each passing day. In two weeks, the results were amazing, and now, after almost 4 weeks, Skeeter is like a different cat! He has dropped significant weight, and is looking great. He is awake more often, and seems bright and happy. He no longer lies around the house sleeping his life away. He is active and curious and running and playing and acting like a cat for the first time since he was a kitten. The change is nothing short of miraculous! Hubby and I joke and say we have a new cat in the house. It is wonderful to see the new Skeeter, and I will be forever thankful that I finally discovered a good food for all of our boys that holds great promise for their long and healthy futures.


I have written all of this to encourage any of you who have any pets, or an overweight cat to do the research, follow the links I have provided here, and find a good quality food in your area for your pet. It makes all the difference, and you will be richly rewarded with the improvements in your pet’s life.


If you can't get Costco's Kirkland Signature brand cat food in your area, I have included links here to several sites to help you understand exactly what your pet needs in a good food, and what to avoid. It takes a while to read it all, but the results are worth it! Best wishes, and I hope you will let me know what you discover for yourself!

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Taken on August 27, 2008