Lost Memory Card
While surveying in Denali National Park we happened to go just outside of the park boundary still far from any roads.
We got to an area known as the Stampede Trail which runs along the Teklanika River for a while. We were looking for raw materials (stone types) when I came upon this 1GB memory card.
We stuck it in Sam's camera to find that it still worked. These are the photos that were on the memory card.

There have been only a few photos not presented, based on my better judgment.

This is actually turning out to be a project in "Historical" Archaeology.

If you would like to find out the conclusion to this search, you can skip ahead to here.

In addition to photos, there are four videos on this card. They are:

1) A band in a bar.

2) Singing in someone's backyard.

3) Singing in the backyard, part 2.

4) A Christmas party karaoke.
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