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    After losing his memory card in late May 2007, and me finding it in late July 2007, and after posting the first pictures on November 10th, 2007, it took Giles, the memory card owner, 16 days to find his pictures on the web.

    Actually, Giles had some help from his friends. A friend of his who is in Cairo, Egypt was looking to show her friends pictures of the Black Bear Coffee House. She found my pictures, and recognized the girl in the photo. She then looked through the rest and realized these were photos Giles had taken. She immediately contacted him.

    Unfortunately, at the time GIles contacted me on November 26th, I had lost the memory card in my own room. Finally when moving I found the card and dropped Giles an email. We met up on December 19th at Platinum Jaxx in downtown Anchorage where I bought him a few beers for the hardships he may have endured.

    Giles was very understanding of what I had done and said that he was rather amazed at the work I put in to finding out everything I could about the last two years of his life.

    It seems when we first made contact via email we both went through a rollercoaster ride of emotions. He was furious, then OK with it, I was OK with it, but then felt overwhelmingly guilty for exposing the life of someone I didn't even know. We eventually came to the conclusion that what I had done had served the purpose of Giles relocating his lost memory card, so everything came out in the wash.

    Giles was a very good sport about it all and I got to hear about how he and his friend did actually make it to Into the Wild's Bus #142, even after he lost his memory card. What had happened was that his camera and memory card gotten wet while crossing the Teklanika River. He put the memory card out to dry and forgot about it when he left.

    As for the future, only time will tell if we ever speak again. I think we both left on good terms. I'm glad I was finally able to get his card back to him. The entire ordeal from Giles losing the memory card on the Stampede Trail to my finding it and returning it to him at Platinum Jaxx in Anchorage took about 6 - 7 months.

    Not bad for something lost in the middle of nowhere. Praise be to thee, internet.

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    1. sh00boo 69 months ago | reply

      This is why you should always have a photo of your name, address, phone number and email on your memory card.

    2. Weston Alan 69 months ago | reply

      that's amazing

    3. Benj Haisch 69 months ago | reply

      dugg! awesome story

    4. hobbangr 69 months ago | reply

      Very cool... But how do you manage to have such old pictures on a memory card? I guess not all of us are trigger happy with our cameras.

    5. Grempz 69 months ago | reply

      he should have got a pentax optio WP....

    6. James Harris [deleted] 69 months ago | reply

      I've lost a memory card (actually it was stolen) before and would love to recover the photos that were on it so I can understand how everything "came out in the wash." Interesting story. Thanks.

    7. trvr_hayes 69 months ago | reply

      That, was pretty damn cool

    8. samuel_burns 69 months ago | reply

      Don't see why he was mad or you were guilty about putting the photos out there - I would have done the same. He should have been grateful you didn't just wipe it and keep it. How many times have you thought if you had your camera stolen with all your vacation pictures, you'd just be happy to get the pictures?

    9. strebel 69 months ago | reply

      dude looks like phelps. can he swim:?

    10. pokermadmonkey 69 months ago | reply

      I found a camera a couple of years back ---- formatted the memory card and kept the camera .. HAHAHA -- If the contents of the camera if not the camera itself were "invaluable" it was inept for the holder to have lost it in the first place.

      Ive got a habit of losing cameras an'all!
      It adds to the hangover from the night before.
      Im sure out of the 3/4 ive lost 2 will be in someone's cupboard Drawer the other Two pawned on E BAY.

    11. pandoralyrael 69 months ago | reply

      I think this was really cool of you and only someone that doesn't have the first clue about how rad the internet and people in general can be would be mad about it. Good work!!!!!

    12. Flying Photog 69 months ago | reply

      Fantastic story! I wish someone had the decency to do the same with the camera I lost in Oahu in July, 2003.

    13. trevor.stanhope 69 months ago | reply

      impressive, and quite cool

    14. Travis S. 68 months ago | reply

      Read the comments about this story on

      There are comments praising my deeds and the internet, while there were others calling what I did creepy. You can't please them all....

      One of the commenters called this a hoax as he claims to have seen me in one of the photos:

      Wartyboskfapped -- The guy who 'found' the memory card appears in the pictures playing the drums. You have been played.

      Where is this?! Is he referring to the video clip on YouTube?
      That's just funny. That dude has black hair!

    15. spongyclark 66 months ago | reply

      Makes for great voyeurism. The fact that there is a happy ending mollifies the pleasure taken peeping into some anonymous dude's life. I can understand why Giles would be initially upset and wondering why you still have the pics posted. Imagine if it this was your life - and it was exposed for all to see. Nonetheless he's a good sport - I love Gile's after-the-fact comments along the way. "Reality" at it's finest.

    16. danay2750 44 months ago | reply

      I recently bought a phone of a person and i noitce that the sim card has photos, and i would like that person to have the photos, but there is no info of the person and i feel so bad its family picture of a young couple and 3 or 4 girls.. And i know if lost my card i would hate to miss those special moments.. I wish there would be a site that people can post info on lost and found pictures or card.. I guess i am going to make a back up of the card and see if i see someone on flicker or something like that becuase i dont know if i should post a picture of them to see if someone reconzie it, since there are kids i dont want to offend someone, next thing you know i get in touble for trying to help someone. Thats life.. This was in browd county florida.

    17. Travis S. 44 months ago | reply

      There's a few places out there. is one. I'm sure there's more. The problem is that the person has to actively look for those sites after losing their camera or phone.

      Yeah. You should read the comments on to see how some people thought this was an awesome idea, and others thought I was out of line. I can see both sides, but I think reuniting someone with lost property is probably the solution that makes the most people happy in the end.

    18. Gato Ranch 25 months ago | reply

      Wow, so awesome you found him... great detective work and documentation!

    19. Travis S. 25 months ago | reply

      Yeah, a wild ride.

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