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Returned Memory Card

After losing his memory card in late May 2007, and me finding it in late July 2007, and after posting the first pictures on November 10th, 2007, it took Giles, the memory card owner, 16 days to find his pictures on the web.


Actually, Giles had some help from his friends. A friend of his who is in Cairo, Egypt was looking to show her friends pictures of the Black Bear Coffee House. She found my pictures, and recognized the girl in the photo. She then looked through the rest and realized these were photos Giles had taken. She immediately contacted him.


Unfortunately, at the time GIles contacted me on November 26th, I had lost the memory card in my own room. Finally when moving I found the card and dropped Giles an email. We met up on December 19th at Platinum Jaxx in downtown Anchorage where I bought him a few beers for the hardships he may have endured.


Giles was very understanding of what I had done and said that he was rather amazed at the work I put in to finding out everything I could about the last two years of his life.


It seems when we first made contact via email we both went through a rollercoaster ride of emotions. He was furious, then OK with it, I was OK with it, but then felt overwhelmingly guilty for exposing the life of someone I didn't even know. We eventually came to the conclusion that what I had done had served the purpose of Giles relocating his lost memory card, so everything came out in the wash.


Giles was a very good sport about it all and I got to hear about how he and his friend did actually make it to Into the Wild's Bus #142, even after he lost his memory card. What had happened was that his camera and memory card gotten wet while crossing the Teklanika River. He put the memory card out to dry and forgot about it when he left.


As for the future, only time will tell if we ever speak again. I think we both left on good terms. I'm glad I was finally able to get his card back to him. The entire ordeal from Giles losing the memory card on the Stampede Trail to my finding it and returning it to him at Platinum Jaxx in Anchorage took about 6 - 7 months.


Not bad for something lost in the middle of nowhere. Praise be to thee, internet.

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Taken on December 19, 2007