Rivendell- Video

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A video giving some perspective on the overall layout of the creation. Nothing really special here, just a way to connect some dots regarding the layout.

Music "Many Meetings" by Howard Shore.

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  1. Gabe Umland 31 months ago | reply

    Pardon my spam for a minute, but this is much much much better than my attempt!

  2. Blake's Baericks 31 months ago | reply

    Not at all, just a very different approach. Yours is good, but in a different way. :)

  3. eclipseGrafx 31 months ago | reply

    After watching the video I realized I DID get to see this at brickfair.

    Awesome job. Also after reading some of your comments I need to ask, are you christian?
    Never mind I read your profile. I have to say I love the fact you give Him all the glory for the gift you have. Your builds are amazing and I love every single little detail you pack in. Keep up the awesome work!

  4. lmaccp 31 months ago | reply

    Possibly the best creation of the year, thanks for sharing!

  5. Brick Basher 31 months ago | reply

    The scale here is incredible. And a beautiful layout to boot!

  6. Evan D41 31 months ago | reply

    Great video, It really helps showcase the smaller details that are a little less visible in the pictures. Great music choice too, it really adds to the atmosphere!

  7. AK_Brickster 31 months ago | reply

    Really nice job on this MOC. Another idea for future videos would be to just have a collection of photos of close-up details with nifty transitions tying them together. This would give a similar effect while providing a "steadier" viewing experience. (Tough to shoot steadily w/out a tripod, I know from experience!)

    Keep up the good work! Love the music you added to this :)

  8. Blake's Baericks 31 months ago | reply

    Yea, I thought about having it be a slideshow of sorts, but that kind of defeated its entire purpose. I wanted this to have new footage that showed the general transitions and layout of the creation, something lots of the pictures couldn't show.

    But yea, this was my first video so the cinematography is pretty poor. The music covers up for it though. ;)

  9. Angeli ¥ 31 months ago | reply

    nice, video always shows more depth

  10. The Prancing Hobbit 30 months ago | reply


    This is the best example of LEGO "art" I have seen. Superb. You two are gifted. Would love to see a work shop/tips on how you built this.

    Well done. I hope this piece never gets broken up - it belongs in a museum.

  11. Super soldier775 30 months ago | reply

    This is possibly the coolest lego creation from LOTR I've seen

  12. Nickolas Hananniah 30 months ago | reply

    Absolutely amazing!

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