Rivendell- Waterfall

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  1. Gabe Umland 20 months ago | reply

    Fantastic stuff!

  2. eldeeem 20 months ago | reply

    That path is rather nice. :D

  3. Eklund! 20 months ago | reply

    No kidding, that path is awesome!

  4. Angeli ¥ 20 months ago | reply

    my favorite ;)

  5. Eggy Pop 20 months ago | reply

    a nice waterfall!

  6. jedi-tim 20 months ago | reply

    Absolutely amazing

  7. Pink Stormtrooper 20 months ago | reply

    Those ducklings are about to take a trip...

    I love the path winding around the waterfall! And the waterfall itself. I'm glad your not entering this into the LOTR building challenge! :P

  8. InverseStorm 19 months ago | reply

    my favourite of the lot. Stunning.

  9. lanaroberts32 11 months ago | reply

    how manny clear Tr. plates did you need to make the water fall (that is AWSOME)

  10. -infomaniac- 10 months ago | reply

    Holy cow, I knew this build was utterly fantastic, but for some strange reason I never flipped through the detail shots. I just un earthed this in my favorites and am just blown away. Maybe someday we can join forces eh?

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