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Fire and Water

"The men of the lake-town Esgaroth were mostly indoors, for it was a windy night and very cool. From their town, the Lonely Mountain was mostly screened by the low hills at the far end of the lake, but the peak was visible above the fog. From the peak, a brief golden light could be seen, but then it was gone. Suddenly it flickered back into view. A grim faced fellow on the watch named Bard called out 'The dragon is coming! Raise the bridges, to arms!' Doors opened, and feet thudded on the planked walkways as everyone gasped at the sight of the golden fire growing nearer and nearer. Smaug came roaring over the town, breathing out powerful jets of flame toward the wooden streets below. As he circled around the town, he would latch his great claws into a roof and pull the building down. His destruction was terrible. Bard, who was commander of the bowmen, drew his men together and bid them to fire upon the beast. Their arrows bounced harmlessly off of Smaug's thick scales. Suddenly, Bard felt something small land on his shoulder, and turned to find himself looking into the eyes of a very old thrush. Bard, being of the line of Dale, understood their language and received the thrush's message with great gratitude for it showed the way to defeat the dragon. Drawing back his bow, Bard selected his lucky black arrow and laid it upon the string. Taking his aim, he waited for the moon to show the dragon's weaks-spot. The clouds moved and the moon's beams shone down and illuminated Smaug's jeweled belly. Bard immediately saw the space in Smaug's armor, and fired his shot that sank deep into the heart of Smaug. And thus, was the world rid of Smaug the Terrible"


Well boyos-- That's all she wrote. Finally, my hands may take a break from incessant building. Having averaged about a creation a week since late August, I am feeling thoroughly exhausted with LEGO. I am going to take a month or so off during soccer season. Bout time too. Anyhow, this is the conclusion to my Hobbit storyline for the CCC, this one for "wooden fortress" category. I appreciate any feedback you can give me. Blessings to ye all, and have a blessed new year.


NOTE: Any requests for a MOCAthalon team will be declined for the time being. I am not even certain I want to participate currently. My hands need a break before I do anything else.


NOTE: Once my hands stop shaking, I'll try to write a 2011 wrap up addressing some issues (including the LOTR license) and welcoming 2012.


NOTE: More images are available here.


Thank you all so much for the support you have shown this series from the beginning!



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