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A Warm Welcome | by Blake's Baericks
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A Warm Welcome

"After Bilbo finally managed to squeeze the much bedraggled dwarves out of their barrels, he proposed to enter the wooden lake-town and gather some food. Thorin immediately saw the sense in this idea, for they were all very hungry for anything except apples which had filled their barrels during their long voyage. What a sight they made, marching up to the town, trying their best to look presentable though having a hard time of it because of their muddy wet clothes. Bilbo knocked on the great front gates and a small man poked his head out of a little window. 'Yus? May I help you?', he said while turning his nose up at their stench. Bilbo took charge because he was the most recovered by now, and replied, 'Good day to you sir, we have just traveled a long way, and are very hungry. Do you have any food that we might buy?' The doorman opened the gates and allowed them to enter. 'The Master and his friends are having a feast to celebrate Yule-day in the town hall if you would like to join them.' No sooner than this left his mouth, than the dwarves all scuttled toward what appeared to them to be the town hall. Bilbo followed feeling slightly embarrassed for their behavior, though very much agreeing with it. At last they came to a large wooden building, with gay sounds and music streaming forth. And the smell! O, the smell! To this day, those dwarves shall never forget smelling the roast chicken, or the savory pork, or even the delicious bread that whose aromas were wafting towards them. Thorin stepped proudly to the door and knocked thrice. The sounds from inside halted as Thorin cracked open the door, and strode in midst tremendous surprise from the celebrators. 'I am Thorin, son of Thrain, son of Thror, king under the mountain!', he yelled as he entered, 'I have returned!'.


Greetings all, here is yet another creation for the CCC. My apologies for the delay. In effort to prevent such a delay as that again, I shall now be posting without regard to the chronology. This will make it much easier on myself. Anyhow, the category that this entry falls under is, "Medieval Holiday", or in this case Yule which was an actual holiday in Tolkien's world. This MOC shows Bilbo's and the dwarves' arrival at Laketown.

I hope you all like it,

C&CC welcome as always.

Soli Deo Gloria



EDIT: This creation was made possible only through the selfless and totally honest critiques and criticisms by Siercon and Coral. They added so much to this creation. It is probably good that you didn't see it before Sean got through with it. I basically rebuilt EVERYTHING. I have never been more pleased doing that before now though. I can't over stress just how instrumental they were in this creation. Thanks Sean!


EDIT: The Brickshelf is now public for more pictures.

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Taken on December 13, 2011