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Queer Lodgings

"Soon, the dwarves came to large flower patches along the trail, and ancient oaks created a canopy overhead, shielding them from the summers heat. They came to a large wooden gate, beyond which they could see gardens, and small buildings. While the dwarves waited, Gandalf and Bilbo wandered forward and soon encountered very intelligent horses, who ran away immediately. 'They have gone to inform their master of our presence', said Gandalf. When they reached a courtyard, they saw in the middle, a huge man, with a thick black beard and hair, and great bare arms and legs with knotted muscles. The horses were standing by him, with their noses on his shoulder. 'who are you and what do you want?', boomed the man gruffly. 'I am Gandalf, and this is Bilbo Baggins, we have been traveling and wished to inquire as to the master of the house.' 'My name is Beorn, and this is my farm. Did you encounter any troubles on your journey?' 'We did indeed, we were trapped by Goblins in the walk over the mountains. In fact, a couple of our number were carried off!' 'Couple? I see only two.' 'Ah, that is true, they should be around here somewhere. I will give a whistle for them' When Gandalf had done so, up came Thorin and Dori, bowing and fawning before the giant man. 'Go on telling then,' said Beorn who was obviously very interested in this story about Goblins. 'Alright, so the goblins managed to carry off some of our group, when I managed to smite the goblins with magic, felling four of their number.' Beorn gave a grunt of approval before Gandalf continued. 'And so then several of our company--' 'I see only four now, which hardly constitutes several.' 'Oh quite right, shall I give another whistle?' 'Yes, yes, just hurry up, I want to hear how this ends.'"


My 3rd scene for the CCC depicting Bilbo's encounters with the hermit Beorn, the were-bear who happens to be my fav character in the LOTR saga.

Thank you all for viewing. C&C welcome as always.

Soli Deo Gloria



EDIT: I got the Brickshelf and MOCpage updated with more pictures.

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Taken on November 25, 2011