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Roast Mutton | by Blake's Baericks
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Roast Mutton

"Three very large persons were sitting around a very large fire of beech-logs. They were roasting mutton on long spits of wood, and licking the gravy off their fingers. But they were trolls. Obviously trolls. Even Bilbo, in his sheltered life, could see that: from the great heavy faces of them, and their size and the shape of their legs, not to mention their language which was not drawing room fashion, at all. Then there was a gorgeous row. They began fighting like dogs, and calling one another all sorts of perfectly true and applicable names in very loud voices. Right in the middle of the fight, up comes Balin, the dwarf to inspect the commotion. Before he knew what was happening, a sack was over his head and he was down. The three trolls then hid and nabbed every other dwarf that made it into their camp. They fell to arguing once again, on how to eat them. Whether to boil the dwarves, or sit on em, or perhaps roast them with the mutton. As they argued, a fourth voice suddenly shouted 'Dawn take you all, and be stone to you!'. Following the mysterious voice, was the first ray of sunlight, poking over the horizon. The trolls, being caught open in the sun, turned to stone. 'Excellent!', Gandalf said as emerged from the bushes, where had had tricked the trolls into turning to stone."


My first entry for the CCC, depicting the first of Bilbo's adventures where he and the dwarves are caught by three troll bandits, and are saved by Gandalf's quick wit and impersonations. More pictures can be found on the Brickshelf folder. When public:


Soli Deo Gloia


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Taken on November 17, 2011