WarScape: Vol2; Chapter 5 of 5

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"We have been inside this prison for what seems like an eternity. The steady crashing of cobble is nothing more than a drizzle of rain. The north wall has spilled over and we cannot hold this stronghold any longer. Spiders press their spiny legs through every crack in the wall, driving us further back. My father pulled me aside 'Samuel,' he whispered, 'Sometimes men get to do great things for those that they love. It is not easy, but some men face a choice that will change life around him or end it. We are at that choice son.'

Before the night broke the brave men have gathered, breathing heavily for likely the last time. An entire company saddled up and geared in armor. These men representing generations and echos from countless lives now stand silent. Like stars that have been pushed into the corner of the blackened sky their courage shone, but not enough to bring the day.

My father gestured to the corner where I mounted my horse, gripping my family claymore. 'It was mine when I was your age.' My father whispered as he straddled his horse besides me. 'Alright men. Now is the time. We have family to protect, and freedom to defend, join with me.'

Without a word he started out and the all followed. The blood was pounding through my head at what seemed to me a hundred miles an hour. My breath was short and shallow. Looking at my father though, gave me courage and inspired me to ready my sword. I could see that he was praying. Reverently, I joined him. 'God help me' was all I could manage before a sound resounded through the valley, echoing through the fields, and reverberating on every mans heart. The earth was ripping apart.”

This is a collaborative story between myself and Siercon and Coral for the microscale contest on Classic Castle. The 1st volume can be found in their photostream.

This is a series for the Mini Castle Contest at Classic-Castle. There are 4 parts that connect to create one full entry for the contest.

Well mates, there it is. The final chapter of my long continued series with Sean and Steph Mayo. Be sure to stay tuned for the exciting conclusion in Volume 3!

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  1. Thēo 42 months ago | reply

    Wonderful microscale work!

  2. {№t Applicable} [deleted] 42 months ago | reply

    Fantastic work, I really like how they all interconnect.

  3. K.Kreations 42 months ago | reply

    Just Amazing! The complete entry looks flawless!

  4. Yacapo 42 months ago | reply

    Awesome! The way it fits together makes it look even better!

  5. Joel.Baker 42 months ago | reply

    So stinking cute

  6. Blake's Baericks 42 months ago | reply

    Thanks Katie! One of the bloggers left a comment on MOCpages so I did know. Water has always been one of my favorite things to do in LEGO form. Thanks for the tip though!

  7. Deviet 42 months ago | reply

    Nice work. My favourite parts are the snowcapped mountains and the boat.

  8. CaptainInfinity 42 months ago | reply

    This blew me away, I would love to see more microscale from you!

  9. William Meng 42 months ago | reply

    The mountains look so cool.

  10. The Acquaintance Crate 42 months ago | reply

    Great work! There is soo much detail here!

  11. eilonwy77 42 months ago | reply

    See, I told you you were on a roll! And here you thought your completed creations wasn't getting any love. ;-P Congrats on the win! ;-D

  12. Siercon and Coral 42 months ago | reply

    Completely and joyously agree :D

  13. Blake's Baericks 42 months ago | reply

    Wow I love you guys. :D

    I was totally surprised when I saw the results! I was totally thinking Volume1 would blow everything away, and that if I was lucky, I might squeeze in second. For the record, I am so sorry Sean for stealing your #1 place. This was such a jerk move on my part, especially considering that you invited me into this AND did all the amazing stories. Every time we interact, you continue to bless me :')

  14. brick.spartan 42 months ago | reply

    Outstanding work!!

  15. Peteris Sprogis 40 months ago | reply

    micro-scale excellence >

  16. Lego Guy1 40 months ago | reply

    Great microscale!

  17. Angeli ¥ 30 months ago | reply

    this is so beautifull, so full of great details...

  18. Freeling++ 28 months ago | reply

    Hmm.. Is Warscape just for you guys to make? or could I make an unofficial one? Like a whole series of just my building? It might help me out of my dark ages...

  19. ponderingzissou 9 months ago | reply

    Outer wall (way up high on the mountain top) is brilliant. Love so many things about this build

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