One side of the front room curtains

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    I thought I'd never finish them, and started hating them, but now that they're through I love them again.

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    1. cherryskin 76 months ago | reply

      These are beautiful.

    2. HeartofSand 75 months ago | reply

      Very beautiful! Hard work and much time paid off...

      Seen in your I made this set. (?)

    3. bad bad magpie 75 months ago | reply

      Thanks LittleGoldWoman, Bowerbirds, cherryskin, and KinnicChick. I am so amazed at all these views and comments this picture has gotten. Just goes to show that we crafty types are a very supportive and complimentary bunch.

    4. mystelepaint 75 months ago | reply

      your creativity just fixed my family room curtain dilemma. just lovely!!!

    5. bad bad magpie 75 months ago | reply

      Thank you, little glimpses! I'll be awaiting pictures.

      *Taps feet and checks calendar*.

      Aren't you done yet?

    6. peregrine blue 73 months ago | reply

      In the south of Chile they make crochet curtains all the time, usually for Cafes.

    7. bad bad magpie 73 months ago | reply

      That's interesting to know! I can't think of any cafe or other business I've ever been in that has had crocheted curtains. I don't think I've ever even been in a house that has them. I'm feeling the urge to make some for the kitchen.

    8. Craft Hippie 69 months ago | reply

      i absolutely love the lace beautiful.

    9. bad bad magpie 68 months ago | reply

      Craft Hippie Thanks, Dede. These were the most ambitious project I've done, I think. I cursed myself many times over before I was through with them, too. :-)

    10. HeartofSand 68 months ago | reply

      so lady... I'm back to drooling over these again. I would NEVER get through with them, though. But I have these stooooooopid arched windows that we don't have covering for. They don't really need them because of their location, but when I have a migraine or when the afternoon sun is BLAZING into those things I keep thinking... just SOMETHING to break up the light. And then I see these and their fabulous colors again...

      Talk me out of it or something. LOL...

    11. bad bad magpie 68 months ago | reply


      Do it! Do it! Do it!

      Hahahaha. Really...I keep saying they drove me crazy, but that's only because I was pushing myself with them really hard. If you take your time and just do a few here and there instead of working on them day and night for weeks, it could be an enjoyable project. Plus, you do have the pleasure of sitting back and admiring them afterwards. :-)

    12. Dvorale's 68 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called home dressing, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    13. Worn Fashion Journal 65 months ago | reply

      I never thought of crocheting curtains, thanks for the good idea!

    14. bad bad magpie 65 months ago | reply

      I've really enjoyed these, and have plans to crochet more for another room at some point. They're wonderful for privacy while still enjoying the light, and they're much more fun than plain sheer panels. Glad you like them. I have to say, your journal is fantastic. I'll be subscribing at some point, I'm sure!

    15. HeartofSand 40 months ago | reply

      I'm baaaaaaaack. So. How heavy do you suppose the cotton is that you used on these? Extra fine like that used for doilies and table runners? Size 10 bedspread weight? If it is too heavy it will drag, ya know... My daughter is heading off to a new apartment and I'd like to help dress up her one and only window by doing something with skulls or a skeleton panel or something. I figured you'd be a good resource since you've done these. How are they holding up?

    16. Marie C. Cudraz 39 months ago | reply

      My God
      visiting this picture long time after the first visit, I'm just seeing that I wrote GARBAGE and not CURTAIN in my first comment
      please excuse me ! I'm so sorry with this confusion and in the same time it make me laugh

    17. bad bad magpie 38 months ago | reply

      Oh, no! Keri, I'm just seeing this after all this time. I wasn't ignoring you. The cotton is DK weight, which is around a sport weight. It is a bit heavy and they did stretch out a bit, but since they were stopped by the window seat, it didn't get too bad. If they were just hanging there, I'm sure it would have been worse. The good thing is that a wash in really warm water will shrink them back a bit. If it's too much, they'll stretch out again in no time. They really, really fade, though. I'm thinking the best thing would be to use a sport weight of 50% cotton, and that way the colour would hold better, and they'd be lighter and not stretch as much.

    18. bad bad magpie 38 months ago | reply

      Marie, I'm just seeing this! Please don't be concerned. I knew what you meant and I thought it was funny. :D

    19. Marie C. Cudraz 38 months ago | reply

      :-))) thank you to indulge me
      I made a mystake with Gardinen in German :-)

    20. HeartofSand 38 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the info! I've spent my yarn money for this month, but now I have an idea for yarn for the bony panel for next month.

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