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The 20 km long Cobb Valley is a popular area for hunters and trampers.

This glacial valley extends from the Cobb hydro reservoir to the headwaters at Aorere Peak. The Peel and Lockett Ranges form the sides of the valley which are covered by mixed beech forest with undulating tussock tops from about 1400 m. These open tops link with the headwaters of the Waingaro, Aorere and Roaring Lion catchments. Regenerating manuka scrubland and tussock clearings are present particularly at the lower valley.

The Cobb River above the reservoir contains large grassed river flat areas and hunting at first and last light in these areas is popular.

Tussock clearings and tops between the Cobb Valley and the Mt Arthur/Tablelands also provide good hunting before entering the Tablelands area (see Motueka Area page)

Fallow deer are present throughout the area, particularly at the grassed Cobb Valley clearings. Red deer and goats are also prevalent, especially at the mid-valley limestone belt between Mt Mytton and a conspicuous limestone peak known as the Gendarme to the north. Hares are common throughout the grassland areas.

Feral pigs are occasionally recorded but hunting dog permits are not issued for this area.