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Mt Arthur/Tableland is a distinctive area between the Cobb, Karamea and Baton Valleys to the north-west of the Motueka Valley, and covers an area of roughly 6,000 ha.

The rolling tussock grassland and mixed beech forest offers a mixture of open grassland and bush hunting. The geology is a mixture of ancient peneplain and marble landforms that were once buried deep in the earth crust.

Winter will see severe frosts and snow fall in the coldest months from June to August. In the summer, temperatures are milder but winter conditions can arrive unexpectedly. Rainfall is around 2500 mm per year and falls throughout the year.

Red deer and fallow deer are found in the area as well as a few pigs and goats.


Sign on track in Mt Arthur/Tableland area
Vehicle access is via the Graham Valley where a steep gravel road climbs to Flora carpark at 920 m. It is also possible to access the Tableland from tracks leading from the Cobb Reservoir Road.

The Tableland is bordered on three sides by national park whereas private land extends well up the Graham Valley. If you are in any doubt where the private land boundaries are, call into your nearest DOC office for further information.