Redecorating the FCC on the last night of Net Neutrality
The DC Solidarity Brigade spent 24 hours holding vigil and actions on the eve of the last night of Net Neutrality Redecorating the FCC to #SaveTheNet.

Margaret & Kevin with, Eleanor with and other net neutrality supporters and allies "redecorated" the area outside the FCC building ahead of the 12/14/18 vote. The Solidarity Brigade used light projection, LED panel letters, banner, angry emojis w/captions, and sidewalk chalking.

Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-MA) joined to show support and even held LED letter for picture.It was a great 24 hours of resistance, march earlier in the day, overnight "redecorating" crew, and "wake up!" rally in morning ahead of the vote.
Learn more about the issue and the action at the Daily DOT, Art Killing Apathy, and at John Zangas's write-up at the DC Media Group.

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