1-20-12 Projection Action in DC
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Here's an inside look into one of the boldest action we've attempted. Our team hit the road around 10 pm to project images on the US Supreme Court and the US Chamber of Commerce HQ in DC.

GOBOS (light stencils) were created for us by our metal working ally Bob on Vashon. A spotlight was rented for $150 (5days). We rented a uHaul van, but could have done this with a minivan. One deep cell battery and a 1000watt inverter, cameras, video, and cajones were all that was needed.

Notes of advice:
1 The readability of the projection photo is improved by having the camera directly inline with the beam of light, NOT shooting from an angle.

2 - one must have the light going before opening the door to the van. These lights need about 30 seconds to warm up, and you may not get that time in front of the object you are projecting onto.

3. Try to have the angle determined and set. Or a way to stabilize quicly for the cameras.

4. Turn cameraS to highest RES. Have multiple cameras going as you don't get much time to get your shot. Shoot video and stills. Capture the prep and action like police contact... etc.


The Backbone Campaign strives to to expand the tactical toolkit and strategic sophistication of our movement. In order to deliver real victories to real people we must transform the societal dialog away from shortsighted greed and convoluted party politics and toward to new Human Rights based social contract. We will not rest until we win that struggle.
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