Fairy Light - Rowan Tree

Green-blue light behind the dogberries - fairies.

With two TV networks in the US running scary fairy stories, can Newfoundland and Labrador become part of a trend?

Bay Roberts, Newfoundland and Labrador



Fairies are found in two main areas: bogs and woods. People tell tales of being led astray by fairies while they are blueberry picking on the barrens, often during a fog. Others recount becoming lost and traveling in circles in the forest due to the actions of fairies.


In Upper Island Cove they are said to come along a special road called "fairy path." There is also a "fairy ring," a peculiar circular growth of trees which they are said to utilize in some of their ceremonies, located in Harbour Grace.


Their existence has been described in this manner:


"Fairies move from one country to another. They are after you if they're near you, and you can be sure they're always near. You do not have to harm them in any way; they come for no reason. Anywhere man can step; a fairy can also step. They do not live in any particular spot. No one has ever found the exact location where they live. No one can tell if it's under a bush, in a tree--no one knows! Also, no one can tell if they eat, drink, or sleep. How a fairy lives is a mystery."


One person has offered an explanation for the lack of fairies in today's Newfoundland. She they have been driven further and deeper in the woods due to the noise and bright lights of modern civilization.


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Taken on October 29, 2011