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Fifteen accounts of life, death, and everything that interferes. | by Jenna-Carver
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Fifteen accounts of life, death, and everything that interferes.

I've been wanting to do this shot for a really long time. Writing is something that is extremely important to me. I do it every single day and I believe that it's one of the only timeless, classic arts left.


So, from left to right, I will describe the 15 journals that I am currently filling up.


1. Bought this one week ago downtown Chicago at the Art Institute. My father pointed it out and it truly has a very "sketch book" feel to it. Once you open it up, it's lined with gold paper and then pristine cream pages that are just dying to be scribbled all over. I plan on using this as a photo/journal book. Meaning that I will put a photograph on each page and write a story on each page that relates to the photograph in some strange, abstract way.


2. I carry this pup everywhere I go! This was bought for me as a gift from my parents. They got it in Australia... It comes with an interesting story. The leather that makes up the cover of the journal was skinned from the buffalo that the people who made this raised. They burned the design of the sun into the journal and filled it with their own handmade ink. They bound it with bamboo and the pages are made of recycled rain forest paper. I've been filling it up for about a year now and I absolutely love it.


3. This is my private diary that was purchased as a gift from India. I love the color and if you look closely, there is a design of a hand on the cover. I started this last summer and plan on finishing it whenever that time rolls around. I write in my diary about 4 times a month but do not keep it in my bag. It's very sacred and meaningful to me.


4. This is my public journal where I basically document lists of things going on in my brain. I have things I want to do in America, things I want to do while I'm alive, places I want to move, people I want to meet, letters to several people, photographs, everything. I can't wait until this is done.. This is the first time I have ever done a public journal.


5. My aunt and uncle got this for me. It was imported from Indonesia and is completely eco-friendly. Believe it or not, the cover was made from the skin of... road kill! The pages are made out of recycled paper. I use this for drawing and just little sketches. I absolutely love it. It's like the hidden treasure you forget about and go back and read...and completely feel the same feelings again.


6. I bought this in Hiroshima, Japan. I actually do not use this journal. However, it's important to me. The pages are made out of recycled cranes.. I love this because every time I look at it, it sort of writes itself in a way I never could. I can stare at the pages and remember my trip to Japan and remember those poor people that died in the Hiroshima bombing. This is definitely one of my favorite journals.


7. This is a daily planner/food journal. Although I have a MacBook, which, no lie, is great. I need to write things down to actually remember to do them. It helps me keep my day organized and is so bright and cheery! I absolutely love it and hardly ever leave home without it.


8. This was a gift from my cousin, Jill. She gave it to me this past Christmas and I use it as sort of a second diary. But in a way, this diary is more like documenting stories that I never, ever want to forget. My diary is about the present and this diary is about the past.. I believe that writing is the only way to hold onto the past as well as let go of it.


9. This is, yet again, another bright journal! I had a little black book where I kept my ideas for a long time, but I couldn't find it for the shoot. I use this because it is tiny enough to keep in my purse. I take it everywhere and jot down whatever it is that makes me feel inspired or happy or just an image I see and fall in love with. A lot of photoshoot ideas are in here! No peeking! :-)


10. Quite possibly one of the most haunting, beautiful journals in my possession. It was purchased last year in October. The journal was shared between my mother, my brothers, and me. My mom was diagnosed with stage four cancer and we wrote to each other or to ourselves just so we were all on the same page and in tune with one another's thoughts. I still read it now and I admit, I tear up almost every time.


11. This journal was given to me when I was just becoming a teenager. Today, while I was gearing up for the shoot, I decided to thump through it... HA! I wrote some pretty silly stuff while I was growing up. I pinned a golden angel on the side of it and wrote "Poet" when I was 12 on the cover. It makes me laugh tremendously.


12. This journal was given to me when I had just started the sixth grade. Sixth grade was a really, really hard year for me. I had a lot of issues with being myself, being consistent, and being social. Some of the things I read in here were so dark and just depressing. They are mainly all songs and looking back, I was not a bad writer when I was young at all. I had a pretty strong sense of identity, actually.


13. & 14. So, the top one was given to me as a gift from an old guitar teacher. He thought it would be a great way to start figuring out how to learn tablature and notes simultaneously. I also was taught piano from this little book. It's fully equipped with quotes from prodigious musicians which makes me happy.


The bottom one was given to me as a Christmas present. It was refreshing to get a new one- the old one was becoming cluttered. I just wrote in it tonight! I love it!


15. So, this is the journal that I made this winter. My great grandmother left my mother a set of 4 books of poetry. They were antiques and could probably be sold for like, 150$ or something. However, I had other plans.... :-) I butchered them to make myself as well as one of my best friends a journal. I actually do not use this as much as i should. It's about the coolest thing you will ever see in your life. I am extremely proud of it and was influenced to make it by my dear friend, Ashley.


So, these are my journals for this year. There is such a beautiful story behind each journal.. as well as the beautiful stories within them.

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Taken on February 3, 2007