• Back in my day, we had real prisoners, not puny little mumblemumblemumblemumble... - Jayfourke
  • "Oh the humanity!" - 11numb
  • Decal? - captaincow
  • Pirate torso... its official
  • Aren't these spensive though? - captaincow
  • The green one is the really expensive one.

No Mercy For Prisoners

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  1. i'm out of here 101 months ago | reply


    this is cool.
    but kind of evil.
    but i like it.

  2. Bart Willen 101 months ago | reply

    Great vig, I love the selection of figs!

  3. MasterLego 101 months ago | reply

    I like this. Nice use of the Indy whip and batman cuffs.

  4. Truman Nihilist 98 months ago | reply

    Haha. This is funny.

  5. LolLuke 89 months ago | reply


  6. tehwacklaygoez 86 months ago | reply

    Can i see the elf?

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