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Set Of 7 Rainbow Crochet Mandala Bridesmaid Rings With Gold Holographic Sequin

Planning a Rainbow Wedding? Or want to celebrate Your Friendship with the 6 best ones? This is the perfect accessory for You! All of the crochet rings are different, just like You, but when You put them together they become a magical rainbow!


This listing is about 7 Crochet Mandala Rings in rainbow colors decorated with holographic gold sequin and glass beads in the following color combinations:


-pink, burgundy, red with pink bead

-burgundy, red, orange with red bead

-red, orange, yellow with orange bead

-orange, yellow, green with yellow bead

-yellow, green, turquoise with green bead

-green, turquoise, blue with light blue bead

-turquoise, blue, violet with royal blue bead


Lacey design inspired by mandalas, multicolor as I LOVE it, with a special twist: the center sequin is reflecting the light from every angle, so everyone will notice Your hands from far!


Very comfortable to wear, the model referred that after some minutes She didn't feel anymore to have something one Her fingers (She nearly never wears jewellery, so I think it's a huge compliment for this design)!


Made of the best quality Italian cotton!


5 cm diameter, but it will "shape itself" on Your size, just wet it and let dry on Your finger! Cotton is a fantastic material! @;)

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Taken on June 2, 2012