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"Granny Mandala Gladiators" Crochet Lace Shoes And Upcycled Technicolor Crochet Sun Mandala Tote Bag

About the sandals:


I've found these fantastic stiletto heels times ago in a second hand shop in nearly unused condition (from the soles it seems to be used only one, max. two times). You already know, that I'm a shop-alcoholic, I had to buy it even if I don't wear high heels and it wasn't exactly my size! XD

I tought to upcycle it one day since I wasn't that in awe for the upside... Well, this week the time is arrived!!! I've crocheted ten granny circles in different colours, stiffened them a little bit (they are keeping the shape better, but not hard as rock), then added the black picot borders for sewing them together... And voilá! @;) With the lace up closure backside and the high composition (arrives exactly under knees) I'm pretty happy about the result and I can declare this creation the sexyest "babukatorium piece" EVER! Lol!


About the bag:


Another lucky find of mine from an Indian market in Italy. Photos can't show how gorgeous the colours are in reality: they are deeeeeep and vibrating... I crocheted other seven circles with the same cotton I used for the shoes and positioned them like a flower mandala on the front of the tote, over the stripes, then attached them with contrasting coloured buttons and double rainbow tulle ribbons in nine colours. EX3


And now an important changing about babukatorium:


Due to the HUUUGE amount of stolen photos Princess Babuka decided to add watermark on each picture starting from today. I'll try to create them in harmony with the pictures for not being too disturbing... Until I find the style that suits me best, please be indulgent with me! I'm not a graphic genius! Lol!





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Taken on April 26, 2012