Crochet Coral Tree

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    The history of the Crochet Tree

    It's about 10 years that I live far away from my home, my culture. After some years I realised to start to forget my language. For fighting this horrible fact I'm reading more in hungarian. This winter I've found some unknown poems from one of the most famous hungarian poets, Sándor Petőfi and immediately felt in love! He used several times rainbow and spiderweb motifs in his works. Who ever seen my flickr knows well that I'm "obsessed" with both of them! @;) After some times when I returned home I went to my city's theater with my Mom. The name of this theater is Petőfi Színház. Yet another time him, I've tought! The recitation was shocking (in the right way): A Midsummer Night's Dream's adaptation from William Shakespeare. At the end I felt like a forest creature in a fairytale! As we were exit I've seen a tree in front of the theater. It was strange, nude, "devious"... And I finally understood what do I have to do: Dress up the Petőfi Színház's tree with Sándor Petőfi inspired rainbow crochet spiderwebs for give him a fairytale look!

    During the crocheting progress I've found myself wondering... How to answer to children when they are asking me: how is it possible that a tree is rainbow coloured? So I wrote a little fairytale for them, just for fun. I'm a crocheter NOT a writer! Be indulgent! %) :

    Once Rainbow said:
    "I've already seen the whole world, I appear for some minutes here and immediately I have to run to another place... I'm tired, I would like to go on holiday!"
    In April it was raining with sunshine several times, so Rainbow visited Veszprém and felt in love with the city. There were colorful flowers everywhere and people were kind. From the sky it seemed like a beautiful, quiet little city. As Rainbow was looking around she've seen a lonely tree in a park rounded by red tulips. People were walking hand in hand under him, children were playing near to the tree and Rainbow could hear also the music from the theater next to the park. She was envy for the moveless peace of that tree, for the closeness of people... And she tought:
    "I want to stand like that tree! I want to be a part of people's life for awhile! This should be the perfect holiday for me!"
    So Rainbow said goodbye to the sky and came down to hug tightly the tree!
    (Don't worry, Rainbow's sisters and brothers are still trevelling all over the world and Rainbow will return to work too after the relaxing holiday!)

    My other obsession is spirituality.
    For those who are not interested about these things:

    Every work of mine are based on numerology and colour therapy.
    This tree contains 13 colours (which means 39 colour combinations). 13 because of the 13 chakras. I've found a site times before and I'm happier since I've seen that all the Oversoul Chakras are rainbow colored! @;)
    Here is the link for it:
    I started to install it on May 3rd 2011, with new moon in taurus.
    3 months for crochet, 3 days for installing 247 spiderweb circles. Number 3 and 13 returns everywhere in this project!
    The colours are following from red to violet like chakras and they are installed like the snake (Kundalini) is going up to the tree.

    That's all folks! @;)

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    1. babukatorium 35 months ago | reply

      Thank You very much! @;)

    2. jodisjems 34 months ago | reply

      I love this, thank you for sharing it with the world! <3 Beautiful, from beginning to end, story and all. Blessings!

    3. babukatorium 34 months ago | reply

      Thank You very much! @;)

    4. ZippyZippyWorld 33 months ago | reply

      Hi I loooove you work. athis tree is amazing - I would love one out the front of my house.
      I was wondering if I could use this image on my blog?
      Look forward to hearing from you


    5. babukatorium 33 months ago | reply

      Thank You very much! Yes, of course You can use it on Your blog! The only thing I always ask for is adding my link to the picture! @;)

    6. billicummings 33 months ago | reply

      Your tree is amazing!

    7. Deramores 32 months ago | reply

      Beautiful! If only all spiderwebs could be so colourful!

    8. West Coast Knitters Guild 32 months ago | reply

      You are an inspiration!

    9. babukatorium 32 months ago | reply

      Thank You both! @;)

    10. AvóQuéu 32 months ago | reply

      Thank you for sharing your stunning inspiring work in
      The Inspiration Group
      your work has inspired me today

      I can see in the dark.

    11. "" Irene "" 32 months ago | reply

      Admins Award
      Thank you for sharing you stunning work in
      The Inspiration Group
      Please tag you photo
      " The Inspiration Group "
      I can see in the dark.

      please ensure you joined the group sweeper running


      Seen next to a fellow photo of the group "The Inspiration Group-- Members Only Group (P1 C1-P4 C4 )". ( ?² )

    12. antarctica246 30 months ago | reply

      Brilliant and Awesome gorgeous!!

    13. babukatorium 30 months ago | reply

      Thank You both! @;)
      Thank You very much!!! EX3

    14. GAPHIKER 27 months ago | reply

      Stunning - what a magical piece and beautiful story!!!! Can you come to New York!!

    15. babukatorium 27 months ago | reply

      XD Thank You! One day I'll find the way... @;)

    16. EraPhernalia Vintage . . . (playin' hook-y ;o) 27 months ago | reply

      I just sent a link to your tree to my sister to help her visualize about "yarn bombing" as they are calling this sort of public display of knit or crochet.
      I read your inspiring commentary and the fairy tale again and it would make a lovely children's book. (You could write it and illustrate it! I'd buy it for my grandtwins!)
      I simply adore this tree and captivated at the effort and thought that went into it. So amazing!
      I hope you are doing more of these; they are such a gift to observers.

    17. babukatorium 26 months ago | reply

      Thank You very much!!! As soon as I'll have another story to tell I'll crochet another tree... @;)
      Obrigada! XD

    18. DonaldAndValerie 24 months ago | reply

      Brilliant, brilliant, so wonderful!

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