Mumbai Dabbawala or Tiffin Wallahs: 200,000 Tiffin Boxes Delivered Per Day

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    The famous Dabbawala or Tiffin Wallahs of Mumbai...

    Tiffin Wallah translates as one who carries the box. Tiffin is an old English word for a light lunch, and also the name of the multi-compartment metal lunch box that carries it. The Tiffin Wallah originated over a century ago when the many Indians working for British companies disliked the food served at work. Tiffin service was created to bring home cooking to the workplace. Today the city's 5,000 tiffin-wallahs deliver 200,000 tiffin-boxes filled with home-cooked food each day. According to a recent survey, there is only one mistake in every 16,000,000 deliveries and the system has registered a performance rating of 99.999999. Prince Charles is a fan and patron of the Tiffin Wallahs and countless businesses and corporations study the system to learn of its success and efficiency.

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    1. GoodBye Flickr [deleted] 104 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Beauty & The Beast, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

      thanks for sharing such a good info and of course, it's a good shot too!... So, Tiffin Wallahs biz would be like catering biz eh?...Those who organise food supply for the events and functions too.. Well done, Steve

      I Have Seen It From My Contact Pages ! ;-)

    2. Cruxlub [deleted] 104 months ago | reply

      Terrific job!
      Beautifully orchestrated lines, colors and positions.
      Inspiring us through your eyes.
      Thank you for the great moment of your talent.

    3. Luis Eduardo ® 104 months ago | reply

      Very nice

      Your image is invited to be present at SetSeeker

    4. FotosdeManuela 104 months ago | reply

      b>Wonderful shot!
      So wonderful please accept this invitation to

      Flickr Bronze Award

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    5. Oakjack 104 months ago | reply

      Great shot - the smile of (?) pride on the tiffin-wallah is wonderful

    6. lighttripper 104 months ago | reply

      Lovely. I like this shot a lot

    7. MJPhotographer 104 months ago | reply

      this is an excellent documentary capture!

    8. bouyant 103 months ago | reply

      and all the tiffins are delivered using symbols(not addresses) so literacy is no issue...

    9. niklens 102 months ago | reply

      great capture...!!!!!

    10. Happy Tiffin 98 months ago | reply

      And if you want one of your own... Happy Tiffin has a good selection of tiffins.

    11. cynical_witch 90 months ago | reply

      Nice. Used this on a piece on Mumbai. Thanks!

    12. 87 months ago | reply

      Great image - we featured it in our favourite things this week:

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    14. pickselschieba 65 months ago | reply

      Dear Steve Evans,
      this is a great picture! Thank you for uploading it under the licence "Creative Commons" (CC), including the right to make commercial use of the work. I am writing a book on India "101 Indien", which will be published by german publishing house Iwanowski. It would be great to make use of your shot in this book. Of course, your photograph will be attributed to you, according to CC-Licence, in the imprint of the book, quoting your flickr-name, mentioning CC-Licence and Please do not hesitate to contact me if you should have any objections.

    15. karpet2012 51 months ago | reply

      Hi Steve Evans,
      I add my comments in addition to all others, that this is a great depiction of the Dabbawala. Thank you for sharing! I work for FranklinCovey a sales and leadership training and consulting company and we would love to use this image in a case study about process management. We will attribute the photograph to you according to the CC-license. With your permission we would like to create an animated video referencing this image. The video will be distributed on copyright protected DVDs to individuals licensed to teach our content. We also ask that you grant us internet and international rights, as we are a worldwide organization and would like to share this amazing story with all of our clients. The video will only be distributed on copyright and password protected platforms. If you would like to know more about our organization you may visit our website at Please contact us if you have any objections to our request for usuage of this image.

    16. farhat_shaikh97 17 months ago | reply

      Hello Steve Evans,

      This is a wonderful image. I really like this image. I am using it in my blog, Image Credit has been given, which you can read here

      Thank You!

    17. Kaleidoscope Pictures Stills 3 months ago | reply

      I'd like to use this image in a short video about Dabbawallas that I am creating. How can I contact you to discuss this?


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