HMS Neptune (C-01)
The latest ship from the shipyards as of 2012.
HMS Neptune.
A corvette/sloop/frigate/trimaran-of-war (it hasn't quite been classified yet)
In 1:45 scale, 270 ft long (82m), 70 ft wide and almost 60 ft tall.
Displacement: (full) 1,200 tons
Speed: 52 knots
Designed for fleet support, fast response, maritime patrol and escort duties.

Armed with a rapid fire 76mm gun, 2 30mm CIWS, 2 general purpose 30mm auto-cannon and assorted machine gun mounting points. A 12 shot vertical launch missile system is carried.
4 torpedo tubes, and a smoke generator are also installed.

Limited amphibious assault capabilities are provided via a stern boarding ramp for boats.
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