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HMS Neptune forward overview

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Overview shot of Babalas' latest creation from the infamous ship yards. HMS Neptune. A somewhat revolutionary Trimaran designed for escort, fleet support, air defence and maritime security. Exceptionally fast at 52 knots (60mph) due to her Trimaran design and increased engine capacity.
Her engine exhausts are vented under the trimaran nacelles to decrease radar and thermal signature.
A 76mm C-S R (Charge-Super, Rapid) gun with a 125rpm rate of fire is carried as standard.
A 12 shot VLS system is installed directly behind this.
30mm "goal hangar" CIWS guns sit abreast of the superstructure, port and starboard for point defence.
2 30mm BAS remote/manual auto cannons also sit on each side just aft of the hangar.
4 torpedo tubes are also carried, concealed amidships
A sea ramp is fitted astern for launching small boats.
She can embark a helicopter up to the size of an SH-60.
Crew: 49
State of the art communications and sensor equipment is carried (top secret y'know)

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  1. Motian 33 months ago | reply

    It is white now?!?!?! Rapid fix and rapid switch. She's a beaut.

    Edit: Just bright lighting, I see. Well, still awesome.

  2. LegoSoldat 33 months ago | reply

    Wow, very very good! Nice Ship, you are are real Lego Master-Ship-builder!

  3. _Publius_ 33 months ago | reply

    Well done. Proportions look good at this angle. See, it was just me.

    Now where is that helo?

  4. iainy73 33 months ago | reply

    FREEKING SWEET YOU BAST£@&! How do you keep doing this! This is superb, makes my ship look lika a toy ;) superb!

  5. Aleksander Stein 33 months ago | reply

    WOW! Chis, this is amazing - a jaw-dropper for sure!
    Love the design you've come up with here. The different shapes and angles work perfectly together to make a sleek, stealthy looking vessel - not to mention that you've gone with a trimaran hull configuration. Awesome!

  6. Babalas Shipyards 33 months ago | reply

    With enough grey brick and tile, you easily could be the owner of one too! Or you could buy the Neptune, for a modest sum of 17 trillion drachmas ;-)

    I took some pics with flash, and without. This camera is WAY too complex for my simple mind. The flash whites it out, and without it looks almost blue-grey. British weather (clouds) doesn't help either.

    Thanks!! I wouldn't say master though, by a long shot. There are a few others that put way more effort and thought in to their ships than me, that's a lovely compliment though.

    I'll try to get some shots of her from the stern end some time, I like the overall look of her though. From that first picture angle it was hard to tell the proportions easily.

    The Helo is almost complete. There is going to be a plate or two's clearance between the rotor hub and top of the hangar "door" though. I need to shorten the height of the helo, or raise the superstructure a bit...

    Thanks very much.

    My Mrs says almost the same thing, apart from the "Freeking sweet" part!
    Your ship with the tall bridge from a day or two ago? I like it, it's a good solid build.

    Cheers Aleks. Stealth, and a trimaran design were the main aspects for this build, not many ships in the brick seem to have a go at both. I still envy that lovely stealth patrol boat you did a year or two ago, damn that was nice. The CB-95?

  7. Deus "Big D." Otiosus 33 months ago | reply

    Black background is not very good for taking photographs of white creations, Try some light blue or gray.

  8. _Publius_ 33 months ago | reply

    Look at the other pictures. She's not white.

  9. lower_torso 33 months ago | reply

    Followed TBB to here, and I am very impressed! I admire the authenticity of this MOC; as a naval enthusiast myself, I appreciate how it captures many of the themes of recent construction from around the world. Well done indeed!

  10. Babalas Shipyards 33 months ago | reply

    As Publius below has pointed out, she's actually light gray, just whited out a bit by the camera flash. A blue sheet would be ideal in future, when I get around to it.

    That's the amazing properties of this revolutionary stealth stuff mate.....

    Thanks a lot for taking a look. I think it blends in quite well with current designs and styles for the future.

    I'm not quite sure how to reply to that.. :-)

  11. commuиist☭geиtlemaи 33 months ago | reply

    Is it possible to capture a shot of every ship and vehicle you still have altogether?

  12. Tyler TJM 33 months ago | reply

    Just amazing just darn amazing.

  13. Babalas Shipyards 33 months ago | reply

    Sadly, not really - I recycle just about every build one way or another after a while, I love this aspect of Lego so much, in a perverse kind of way ( the pain of trashing a good build, but doing something better with the parts) and of course I don't have infinite space/£££ for bigger projects.

    Other than the ship, I have a wrecked F35, the latest helo I've done, a mandible of my YT-1300 left and a WIP 24-gun pirate ship that has more dust on it than Elvis.

    Cheers Tyler!

  14. Nebraska's MOC 33 months ago | reply

    Words can not describe how incredibly awesome this is...

  15. Rolling bricks 33 months ago | reply

    Simply amazing!

  16. Babalas Shipyards 33 months ago | reply

    Thanks, likewise your U-boats!


  17. Kris_Kelvin 33 months ago | reply

    Fantastic ship.

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