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HMS Neptune forward overview

Overview shot of Babalas' latest creation from the infamous ship yards. HMS Neptune. A somewhat revolutionary Trimaran designed for escort, fleet support, air defence and maritime security. Exceptionally fast at 52 knots (60mph) due to her Trimaran design and increased engine capacity.

Her engine exhausts are vented under the trimaran nacelles to decrease radar and thermal signature.

A 76mm C-S R (Charge-Super, Rapid) gun with a 125rpm rate of fire is carried as standard.

A 12 shot VLS system is installed directly behind this.

30mm "goal hangar" CIWS guns sit abreast of the superstructure, port and starboard for point defence.

2 30mm BAS remote/manual auto cannons also sit on each side just aft of the hangar.

4 torpedo tubes are also carried, concealed amidships

A sea ramp is fitted astern for launching small boats.

She can embark a helicopter up to the size of an SH-60.

Crew: 49

State of the art communications and sensor equipment is carried (top secret y'know)


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Taken on June 28, 2012