• Reactor, with cooling tower and associated tanks are in this area.
  • Main gate, and main security towers.
  • 2 X enlisted crew quarter blocks
  • Operations/Flight centre with Long range Radio/Lidar mast. Behind this is the officers quarter and recreation centre 2.
  • Maintenance Hangar
  • Aircraft storage/taxi area
  • radar mast, behind this is recreation centre 1, behind that is the water treatment/sewage/recycling plant.
  • Love the micro scale spacecraft - instantly recognizable, even from this distance! - Aleksander Stein
  • May we have more shots of these, please? - The Legonator
  • I haven't forgotten your request Legonator. Most of the vehicles are gone now but I think I have some pics somewhere of these, if I find them I'll pop one or two up.

United Systems Colonial Marine Security Base (WIP)

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Since I'd spent hours tiling all of my base plates, I decided to start cracking on a futuristic microscale patrol base/outpost airfield type thing.
This is borrowing bits from Aliens and Space Above & Beyond, with a bit of "Hells Gate" from Avatar thrown in.
It's rather compact at the moment, but this is just the "Advanced Habitation/Installation Team"

Buildings include:

Operations/Flight control centre.
Maintenance Hangar
Fusion reactor & cooling tower
Long Range Radio/Lidar mast
Radar mast
Sewage/water treatment/recycling plant.
2 enlisted quarters buildings
1 officers quarters building
2 recreation centres (including bowling)
12 perimeter defence towers
2 main security towers
Some storage containers and bits and bobs.
Underground bunker/bomb dump with ground level access building.

Air/Space craft:
6 SA-43 Hammerhead fighters (176th Sqn)
4 ISSAPC troop/cargo transports
1 UD4-L Dropship

The Runway, if using the scale of the Hammerhead (9ish studs long) being 11.5m is 342 feet, ideal for V/STOL aircraft.

1 towing vehicle
1 cargo logisitics truck
3 M577 APC's.

This has been fun so far, it's quite cluttered so I don't suppose I can go much further with it without more baseplates and bloody tiles...
This sort of outpost would be designed for local protection of off-world colonial assets, and would be based right along side any valuable installations.
Equipped for threats on land, air and space.

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  1. [DustyBricks] 52 months ago | reply

    Oh, wonderful work Babalas! I love this!

  2. ~brickicon~ 52 months ago | reply

    i wish i had that many tiles!

  3. Slice151 52 months ago | reply

    Little powerloaders walking around?

  4. Lego Monster 52 months ago | reply

    Interesting direction

  5. The Legonator 52 months ago | reply

    I adore this! I'm glad you're doing more micro. :D

  6. Babalas Shipyards 52 months ago | reply

    Thanks. I don't dabble much in microscale much, but it's been fun so far. Shame it's a bit on the small side at the moment.

    I remember you saying "Build some space" to me several times at STEAM, Pete. Well, 2011 will probably have a bit more of this sort of stuff in store for me.

    Cheers Aleks.

    Until a year ago or so, I only had a few dozen. There must be a couple of thousand in this I reckon. 128 x 96 is the total baseplate area ( I think)

    Nice idea, but I have no clue at how to build them at this scale, probably around a standard technic pin in height. I may see what I have in my greebles tubs....

    Direction, yes, interesting, hmm not sure about that. I was planning on doing something like this, but having spent ages tiling the plates for a photo background, I thought I might as well crack on.

    Thanks very much.

    Thanks. The last microscale build I did was a long while ago, I don't build it often so I've a lot to learn in this scale.

  7. ThatGuyRommel 52 months ago | reply

    >Insert a life here.<

    Kidding, kidding. Epic work, I can't get anything to look right in micro. Keep it up ^_^


  8. Babalas Shipyards 52 months ago | reply

    lol, yes I've been on a building frenzy recently, but after years of steady building, and very little planning, it's a quick process!..I tend to build a lot more when I have had stressful days at work, and my job is stressful on a good day, unfortunately.

  9. ThatGuyRommel 52 months ago | reply

    As a lowly highschool sophmore with just a summer boathouse job...yeah, I can't contest with that :P though my dad's corperate job leaves him...well frankly all I've ever known him as is the pissed off corperate executive -shrugs-.

  10. Babalas Shipyards 52 months ago | reply

    Give it a few years, and you will truly know the meaning of "Working a job you hate, to buy shit you just don't need*" (*Excusing Lego of course) . My job is interesting, and the day goes quick,and the money is good (so I shouldn't complain, should I?) , but without going in to much detail. I feel like a bastard some days when I leave the office :-(

    Enjoy yourself....while you still can :-D
    Make sure you get a career you can actually tolerate too, and don't join the bloody army!

  11. ThatGuyRommel 52 months ago | reply

    *Joins the Navy* ;)

  12. tomato twister 50 months ago | reply

    does anyone know to post a note because i do not know how to

  13. Babalas Shipyards 50 months ago | reply

    Go to "Actions" which is top left of the actual photo above. Click it, and you'll get a drop down menu which should include "add a note" Then you drag the note to where you want to, expand or contract it like a normal box, pop your text in the text box and post it. Simplez...

  14. tomato twister 50 months ago | reply

    it does not show add note

  15. Babalas Shipyards 50 months ago | reply

    Perhaps that's only for the Pro accounts where you pay for the account, sorry I can't be of further advice :-(
    Or maybe it's a cock up with flickr, I've had no problems with notes lately thought

  16. tomato twister 50 months ago | reply

    thanks for the help

  17. The Legonator 50 months ago | reply

    ^For some accounts you both have to have added each other as a contact.

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