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United Systems Colonial Marine Security Base (WIP)

Since I'd spent hours tiling all of my base plates, I decided to start cracking on a futuristic microscale patrol base/outpost airfield type thing.

This is borrowing bits from Aliens and Space Above & Beyond, with a bit of "Hells Gate" from Avatar thrown in.

It's rather compact at the moment, but this is just the "Advanced Habitation/Installation Team"


Buildings include:


Operations/Flight control centre.

Maintenance Hangar

Fusion reactor & cooling tower

Long Range Radio/Lidar mast

Radar mast

Sewage/water treatment/recycling plant.

2 enlisted quarters buildings

1 officers quarters building

2 recreation centres (including bowling)

12 perimeter defence towers

2 main security towers

Some storage containers and bits and bobs.

Underground bunker/bomb dump with ground level access building.


Air/Space craft:

6 SA-43 Hammerhead fighters (176th Sqn)

4 ISSAPC troop/cargo transports

1 UD4-L Dropship


The Runway, if using the scale of the Hammerhead (9ish studs long) being 11.5m is 342 feet, ideal for V/STOL aircraft.



1 towing vehicle

1 cargo logisitics truck

3 M577 APC's.


This has been fun so far, it's quite cluttered so I don't suppose I can go much further with it without more baseplates and bloody tiles...

This sort of outpost would be designed for local protection of off-world colonial assets, and would be based right along side any valuable installations.

Equipped for threats on land, air and space.

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Taken on January 18, 2011