Portsmouth Wind Turbine Generator
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more great photos of this project can be found at judithtatephotography.com/wtg.htm

At 340 feet this wind turbine will stand 100 feet taller than the 240 foot turbine at Portsmouth Abbey, , with an individual blade length of 123 feet compared to 77 feet.

Total Height - 340'
(the Statue of Liberty stands 304' from base to torch)
Height above sea level - 188'
Total Height above sea level - 528'
Rotor Blades - 123' (6 tons each)
Hub diameter - 15' (19 tons)
Rotor Diameter - 261'
Tower Height to hub - 213' (three sections, 115 tons total)
Nacelle - 12' x 15' (68 tons)

Total Weight - 440,000 pounds (220 tons)

AAER wind energy- The A-1500 turbine is a three-blade, horizontal-axis turbine, designed for optimal use of wind resources in all types of sites.

It has a variable rotational speed and full span pitch control, which means that it can be operated at optimum aerodynamic efficiency throughout the operational range. The A-1500 reaches its rated output at a wind speed of 11 m/s.

The combination of electrical torque control and pitch control allows the wind turbine to be operated at a wind speed of 4 m/s, with a virtually constant power output from 11 through 20 m/s.
Rotor Diameter, m 70 / 77
Swept area, m2 3.848 / 4.657
Rotational speed, rpm 11.0-22.0 / 9.7-19.0
Wind class I-II / II-III
Number of rotor blades 3
Power regulation Pitch
Pitch system type Gearbox & servo motor
Brake System
Primary braking system - Full span blade feathering
Service / Emergency brake Disk brake
Hub Height - m 65, 80
Type of generator - Wound rotor induction generator
Rated power, kW 1500
Rated voltage, V 690
Frequency, Hz 50 or 60
Rated power Output, kVA 1670
Type of inverter IGBT, 4-quadrant
Power factor (cos ø) Controllable
Grid soft start connection Converter controlled
Harmonic Distorsion Imperceptible
Type of gearbox Planetary & Helical
Control System
Type of construction PLC, free programmable
Yaw System
Type of bearing Sliding bearing
Type of drive Gear motor
Number of drive units 4

more details and pictures - AAER wind energy and Portsmouth Economic Development Committee (PEDC)

also the details on Portsmouth Abbey's turbine which has been operating since March of 2006 supplying more than 40% of the Abbey's needs can be found at www.portsmouthabbey.org/page/2181
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