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A Tangled Tutorial | by Christo3furr
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A Tangled Tutorial

So you've recently purchased a Rapunzel doll. You don't want to keep her in the box, but you also don't want her hair to be a hot mess after a few days of pictures and playtime. Well fret no more! Here is a solution to all your hair raising problems! A braid that is beautiful, and movie accurate! =D


Step One

Separate her hair into sections depending on how many braids you want in her hair. I have mine divided into 5 braids; 2 small, 2 medium, and one large braid. I have done 4 braids so far, leaving the one section in the front for that little curve that she has in the movie.


Step Two

Comb or brush out the last section of un-braided hair till its nice and straight. Simply hold the hair and gently fold in and clip it. I have two angles of that sectioned hair, so hopefully it is easy to understand.


Step Three

While the Section is clipped up, you should braid it. Instead of dividing it in 3's like the other braids, I have done a simpler braid with just two. It doesn't really change the over-all look, it was just easier to do.


Step Four

The final and easiest step! Now that all the hair is braided and banded, You just have to make one huge braid out of the smaller braids to complete the look.


Some random notes

- To make the process a little bit easier, spray the hair with some water. That way, the hair won't tangle as easy. and the braiding process will be much faster.

- For a really complete look. go out and buy some small flowers to put in her hair! I've seen some people online who have done that (and they look fabulous!), but i just cant find fake flowers that small anywhere. I don't think I'm looking hard enough. lol


Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial! If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask. I'll try to answer them the best I can. =D


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Taken on April 9, 2011