• 15'' long hair

Oh Ariel, Did you borrow Rapunzel's shampoo again? LOL

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Bath Time Fun Ariel Doll
Under the sea or in the bath, the Bath Time Fun Ariel Doll is sure to be a favorite with your little mermaid. She can style Ariel's beautiful 15'' long hair using the colored braids and Ariel can even go in the water to make bath time even more fun.

Ariel sure is getting special treatment this year! What with the Ursula doll, and the Mini Sisters, and this coming out all around the same time. I think disney is trying to get everyone jazzed up about the new TLM ride opening up soon at California adventure. =P

Images from the Disney store website.

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  1. kiki248 39 months ago | reply

    they should make her have colour change hair like get blue green and pulper high lights in her hair wen shes in water

  2. tru_fashionista_luv 39 months ago | reply

    I'm actually glad DS didn't go the predictable route with color change hair and decided to give her longer hair. She wouldn't look good with multicolored streaks.

  3. Plastic Beauty 39 months ago | reply

    Glad I resisted buying a DS Ariel until now! This one is gorgeous! And that hair! It's every Ariel fans dream :)

  4. Itstimmyyang [deleted] 39 months ago | reply

    Love that she's just the basic doll but with loooong hair and a patterned tail XD Most bath Ariels are kinda overdone, but this one is simple and has a removable tail!!! PERFECTION!

  5. lostfromreality 39 months ago | reply

    Ooh, quintessential Ariel doll right here! This girl is giving Rapunzel a run for her money. Now I have reason to head back into the Disney Store. >:D I wonder if the 6" Sisters have Barbie-sized heads...I sure hope so. >:D

  6. kiki248 39 months ago | reply

    i hope they make normal size's off the mersisters so i can buy them all

  7. johnbucket3216 39 months ago | reply

    it would be much more better if the color of the hair changes in water.

  8. kiki248 39 months ago | reply

    i know like if she got like bule high lights or something

  9. .•*a p r i l-a n d i e*•. 39 months ago | reply

    She borrowed some of Rapunzel'scut hair and dyed it red XD

  10. MadoliaSteel [deleted] 28 months ago | reply

    OH...in Greece we havent this ariel....

  11. dollfin :) 27 months ago | reply

    that doll is awsome!!! i want her!!!

  12. DollyLove2 26 months ago | reply

    I really hope the re-release this Ariel again,I'm so mad at myself for skipping out on her so many times.I've been wanting a long hair Ariel now for a while.

  13. dollfin :) 26 months ago | reply

    were can i buy her???

  14. Christo3furr 26 months ago | reply

    Ebay is pretty much one of the last places to find this doll. =(

  15. Rose Bride 26 months ago | reply

    The only place I've seen her was on Amazon, but I'm not really wanting to buy this doll for $60. Who decides how much these sold out dolls go for, anyway?

  16. Plastic Beauty 26 months ago | reply

    It all configures to the supply and demand for them. If an item is in high demand and in low quantity in stores, then sellers will raise the price knowing that someone who is desperate will pay more than retail for it. It's pretty unfortunate.

  17. MadoliaSteel [deleted] 26 months ago | reply


  18. Anniessite 25 months ago | reply

    love her hair. :) I have one with long hair form united kingdom

  19. kiki248 25 months ago | reply

    do you have this on i live in the uk and cant find her anywhere can u upload some pictures of her please :)

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