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"We have one more band, who should be coming!...five minutes? They should be on in five minutes"


Here we have Jack & Bernie, half of the former Maidstone-based supergroup "Gladsack". They have risen from the ashes of the late night-"keep recording"-teen-"we've woken up the whole house"-badly tuned guitar-improvised-superpop group that played countless parties when I was younger, into something new.


Gone are the menagerie of instruments, gone are Mark and Steve, the other half of the group. Here lies a (nearly) finely tuned entertainment system, ready to perform with just a laptop, a few microphones, a smoke machine and anything that gets thrown at them during the gig.


They wouldn't stop apologising to me after the gig. From where I was stood, there was nothing to apologise for. The crowd were loving it, and the music was strong enough to carry itself on a loop even when Jack dissapeared from the stage for five minutes, leaving Bernie with two microphones hanging out of his mouth.


I was impressed. It might be because I remember them from when we were 15 at village hall parties, or because I haven't seen them play in the last three years, but I was surprised at the production of the music (though I shouldn't have been. I know Jack is great at making music, I just never associated 'great production' with gladsack) and perfect timings in the songs, with both of them bringing the vocals back in after a long pause without even a millisecond of hesitation.


This picture kind of sums them up.

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Taken on June 22, 2010