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d-126 toys and treasures

d-1 A drawing d-2 Chris sanders sketchbook d-3 20100312_005.jpg d-4 Lines d-5 Creepy cats d-6 Wood d-7 Mario d-8 Lines d-9 losing my mind (manipulated) d-10 another world D-11 a desert d-12 Cassettes d-13 a brush d-14 soldier d-15 Turtle d-16 A secret place D-17 wall and ceiling D-18 usb D-19 something different D-20 Coin and light

a project I wanted to do. I'm taking one photo everyday. A photo of anything. Everyday is different, everyday I try new ideas.

Sometimes I hate the photo, sometimes I love it.

What about you? Do you like any of the photos of the daily set?

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maggie_gem says:

Great set! It's hard to take a photo everyday, but you're doing pretty well! Hang in there.
Posted 88 months ago. ( permalink )

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azrasta says:

thank you :)
Posted 88 months ago. ( permalink )

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