1971 Raleigh International
S/N: F3875
(F = 1971)
At the moment I am presuming ca. 1971 model due to the serial number decoding and the wrap around seat stay treatment. As it turns out the unusual burgundy color is a repaint - no telling which color was originally sprayed. The original Campy RD has a patent code of 70, so that is also supportive of this date. The previous owner used this bike for touring and removed most of the original spec equipment, replacing with gear to meet his touring needs. The replacement components are what is pictured in this set. He had kept the original FD, RD, shifters, cables, and brake calipers; I have those in a box, but sold the cranks at some point. The parts I do have appear to have been used very little or not at all.

I think I'll keep this exactly as built rather than taking it back to original "as sold" components. Perhaps a set of fenders for touring practicality, and my vintage Carradice saddle bag. I've also got a Carradice Super C handlebar bag, but that might really be unnecessary.

More details to come.


(Updated April 2013.) After confronting the necessity for a complete rear wheel rebuild I decided to take things in a different direction. This (current) finished build of this bike is a fairly significant re-jiggering of the entire drive train. Using CR-18 rims and a Sturmey-Archer SRF-3 IGH rear hub, I've converted this bike to a three-speed. Significantly, the three internal gears match the three most used gear-inch configurations on my Boulder almost exactly, with the "normal" (2) gear matching up nicely with the gear I use 95% of the time. The chainring is now a single 42t and the gears are changed with an SA trigger shifter. Tires are a much cushier 700 x 38 size with bullet proof (albeit, higher rolling resistance) rubber. It's a much simpler, and perhaps a slightly more elegant configuration. www.flickr.com/photos/azorch/8670333156/in/photostream

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