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Explore... Interestingness....
I keep being haunted by these two words...
A very close friend once told me that the movie Terminal was all about waiting. So. I thought to myself "Why not post photos with waiting as the theme?"
So, the 4 photos in this series represent waiting.
What do you think?

Sept. 10: Today Explore makes me smile. Currently, this picture is at #4. Of course I want this to reach #1 as www.flickr.com/photos/azlijamil01/231592469/ did.
What a week it has been for me!!
I have been on Flick for 48 days. I have 65 photos on my stream. As at this posting, my views has grown from 3,478 to 5,231 views, 520 contacts and I'm contacts to 310. I have 21 photos on my favorite list. 59 of my photos have been made favorite by 389 people (598 favorites).
If you are viewing this picture, please take the time to visit the other 2 pictures in the 'WAITING' series.
And if you have more time, please take a look at these 4 photos where only 1 made Explore:
My favorite photo - www.flickr.com/photos/azlijamil01/195967210/
My best photo - www.flickr.com/photos/azlijamil01/225821412/
My best portrait - www.flickr.com/photos/azlijamil01/213164139/
My most favorited photo - www.flickr.com/photos/azlijamil01/195955039/
If you have more time, please take a quick look at MY FAVORITE 20 PHOTOS folder. I hope you would be pleasantly surprised. Please leave comments so I know what you think. If you think I need a tag to get my photos visited, please add.
Touching lives through photography is what I aim to do. But, how could I touch lives if I couldn't reach them? What an uphill struggle!!!!! And I'm one step closer...
Thank you so much for visiting. :)

Best regards,

Sept. 11: Wanna share something with U. This picture is currently at #3 on Explore. So is the picture I posted on Sept. 2. Two concurrent #3s!!!

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  1. Mephistopheles71 85 months ago | reply

    sorry for my absence

    still going on
    but i' try to come around

    hope you're arlight

    big hugs

  2. Rick & Bart 85 months ago | reply

    Excellent portrait, just perfect in b/w ! Great shot !!

  3. M α ђ α ώ y 84 months ago | reply

    just beautiful = ]


    i'm totally in luv with your FLICKER ^^

  4. Azli Jamil Photography 83 months ago | reply

    Firstly, my apologies for spamming my own stream.

    Secondly, thank you so much for all the visits, faves, comments, emails, testimonials and contacts.

    I came to flickr to share my photos but never in a million years it occurred to me that people I never meet could keep hurting me!
    The final straw came yesterday when I was blocked by someone I really care about.

    I cannot do anything with regards to the pain captioned in my latest photo but I can do something about my flickr pain.
    Which is why I am removing ALL my contacts, testimonials and WILL NO LONGER REPLY ANY personal email. I will no longer take the risk of being hurt by people I never meet…
    I would reply to questions regarding photography coz I do like to share knowledge.
    I am sorry to those that might feel offended but please understand…
    It is either that or deleting my flickr account…
    And I would like to think there are people who still enjoys my photos…
    I know I am so temperamental but that is who I am…
    My apologies again.

    Please forgive me...

  5. Caio Zuccolotto 79 months ago | reply


  6. Hilmi Ramlan 76 months ago | reply

    an amazing photo sir.. :) i applaud u !

  7. Essam Al Hedek 76 months ago | reply

    Excellent portrait.

  8. الحياة...ابتسامة 62 months ago | reply

    جميلة جدا

    ومعبره :)

  9. grey mustard 60 months ago | reply

    masterpiece, what a beautiful shot

  10. Ghaida'a Al.rotoue 55 months ago | reply

    mashalla ... well focused dear!

  11. ناصر الخليفي [deleted] 51 months ago | reply

    great shot

  12. zalat2010 46 months ago | reply

    Really wonderful image of the pride and the ambiguity and power from behind the veil فعلا الصورة رائعه ومناسب جدا الابيض والاسود اضاف عليها قوة ووضوح

  13. lluìs 45 months ago | reply

    extraordinary moment captured...

  14. Le-Cap 37 months ago | reply

    Portrait absolutely fantastic.. (:

  15. ybiberman 33 months ago | reply

    Azli, I've just finished reading the book Persepolis
    I wondered if you know it, and what is your perspective about the place of the woman
    at traditional societies?

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