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WHY NOT... | by Azli Jamil Photography
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… is dedicated to the same someone whom when asked “She said you’re fond of me. Are you?” wrote,

“The last line is you asking me if I'm fond of you---yes I am fond of you in many ways---not love if that is what you’re asking---how could that be----we are pen pals now. I don't really fall in Love with people ---one time and that was enough for me---I just play the field when ever a hot moment comes along---neat and clean and no fuss---I don't feel relations between men really work out in the long run---don't know of any two people who are loyal to each other in the whole world---many of my friends who I thought were loyal have all died of aids now---that really shows how un-loyal they were to each other---just heard last night at dinner that someone who I knew(friend only) is now almost dead from aids and he has been married for the last 10 years to a really nice guy who does not have aids!!! So I love you as a friend more each day I talk to you---hope you feel the same. Sweet pen-pal...”


Then I asked him about his Love and he replied,

“The Love was before all the aids thingy---it ended right about the same time as the aids thing started to happen---so everyone in this country went crazy---so it was a good time to just call everything off for a long time until we all knew more about aids---then it really got bad for many years here---one after another were dieing away---whole groups of friends were going one by one day by day---not good for even the people who were not sick---made everyone very nuts to say the least---time passed and attitudes were greatly changed by the smart gay people---the no control people just keep going on with the same old ways thinking it won't happen to them---then in time even the smart gay guys started to feel safe agin and went nuts with sex---now they are all sick---but hanging on with new drugs---now all those guys are mad and out there passing it around freely to others---so love is nice---but life is nicer, and like I said before, couples seem to be the ones who die off the most where I live---the one who dies the most is the one who was loyal to the other in a relationship.

I don't play for love just safe sex type of guy---it's all about the surface stuff not the deep meaning stuff---I really prefer that---no problems with it. I don't want all the relationship headaches---one kitty is more then I can handle!

So be my pen-pal until your true love finds you--ok?”


Two months ago, after heated arguments about the two people I mentioned most on flickr, he abandoned me. I really miss that sweet tight ass stubborn old fool...

If YOU ever read this, please write to me at Please…


“Perfection doesn't exist and fantasies are unreal.

flickr is virtual yet the feelings are real...”


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Taken on October 19, 2007