ABDZ Poster

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    1. Simon Birky Hartmann 50 months ago | reply

      So I read the ABDZ because I know it's there. Maybe you could make it a tad more obvious?
      Also, I'd leave a "frame" around the poster, like that that line would actually communicate with it.
      And finally, more texture :-)

    2. Hejdii 50 months ago | reply

      i can't spot the letters there.

    3. abduzeedo 50 months ago | reply

      I was playing with the letters ABDZ, I didn't want to make them very visible but more an abstract design. I also was inspired by Mondrian with the first versions using a primary color scheme, however the round corners were always intended as way to be a modern interpretation of De Stijl design....

    4. Mutantedelorto! 50 months ago | reply

      If its ment to be retro I would probably change the "wall" like texture for another one that resambles old poster paper. The ABDZ is kinda hidden but still nice. maybe really thin transversal grey lines crossing the white lines to create a slight diference in the letters might work...

    5. jonathan sander 50 months ago | reply

      Yep, i like this a lot!

    6. nikaro 50 months ago | reply

      I don't know why but at a first glance it remind me this revenews.info/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/rai.0.jpg maybe because of the two facing triangles and because I see that each and every day :)
      the ABDZ is not so obvious and I like that, is that kind of thing that one find out in the second-third view.
      I don't like the light blue but is something between me and him so i guess is ok (i would have choose a green i suppose)
      what about round corners even in the four angles of the poster itself?

    7. danilomatos1 50 months ago | reply

      I did not found the A and D leters... but i've see the Brazilian map! xD

    8. John Sanabria 50 months ago | reply

      I spotted the letters but only after knowing they were there. I liked it though, interesting colors.

    9. nate_daubert 50 months ago | reply

      woah! would never have gotten it if i didn't know what to look for...but one i found it, my mind was blown!

    10. INTRVNTOR 50 months ago | reply

      hey! is it just me, or the time is leaking through the sand clock shape in the middle? :) (i'm sure about it though)

    11. designpop 50 months ago | reply

      Well done!!! Love the colors!

    12. erica_dalbello 50 months ago | reply

      2 minutes to understand! hauhauahau

    13. Steve Kodis 50 months ago | reply

      Really enjoy the color palette. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

    14. Hi I'm Adel 45 months ago | reply

      so clever! :)

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