Ringo Pie Block for Marit

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Frappuccino is too irreistable in the summer!
Marit's favorite among these three flavors (Coffee, Strawberry, and Green tea) is strawberry :)
I hope you like it, Marit!


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  1. verykerryberry 67 months ago | reply

    Oh yay to that!

  2. mrsmcporkchop 67 months ago | reply

    oh you! You slay me with your sheer AWESOMENESS!!!!!

  3. drkornea2010 67 months ago | reply

    Wow is all I can say! when's the tutorial going to be posted so I can make it :D

  4. Bellgirl 67 months ago | reply

    Oh yum, they look so real it's making my hungry! I'll buy the book, I'm ready to pre-order. And I'll order a green tea frapuccino while we're at it, yum!

  5. ayumills 67 months ago | reply

    Thank you so much girls!!
    Lauree Myler Wouldn't it be great to be able to have these three flavors all to yourself? It seems there are many more flavors - have to try some others next time!
    Strawberrylicious I can see it will look good on your retro style kitchen :)
    Leila LOL! I just pictured an oxygen icon next to a picture! How funny!
    Kerry I know your block will be amazing because it always is :) True, odd numbers seem to work great. I usually get tired after the third one, so that's another reason I always go with three, lol
    amy That's the best compliment I've ever got, Amy. What a nice thing to say! I had to have Joe read what you said!
    Lynne That's exactly how I felt when I saw your sun block. oh wow, 'sun block', that's sun screen! You know what meant ;)
    quilt it SO glad you like this, Marit!!! I'd love for you to try the strawberry frappuccino in Seattle. It's GOOD!
    Emily Thanks for reminding me! I made a design for a paper-piecing tutorial, but it's not great, so I decided not to use it. If I come up with a better idea, I'll definitely write a tute on my blog :)
    Annabel O Yay

    Thanks again everyone! I am so flattered!!

  6. Madame Samm 67 months ago | reply

    this is stunning piecing...now this would make for a terrific tutorial. you are certainly the cream in our coffee x

  7. Hart Hill [deleted] 67 months ago | reply


  8. fissiett 67 months ago | reply

    this is outrageous, totally speechless because of this beauty

  9. Little Miss Shabby 67 months ago | reply

    Another absolutely amazing block! Just beautiful!

  10. *amisha* 67 months ago | reply

    i am absolutely blown away by this, ayumi! it is stunning. and ditto to amy-- you need to write a book. your talent is incredible, lady!

  11. NancyinSTL 67 months ago | reply

    How cute is this? I love it!

  12. quiltingbydawn 67 months ago | reply

    Amazing piecing! Love, love, love!

  13. frostpatterns 66 months ago | reply

    Oh my love! This is perfect, amazing, genius! <3

  14. Sandy in Buenos Aires 66 months ago | reply

    I'm BLOWN AWAY, like the rest of the girls !!! And speechless and I can't hink of any other emotion, just petrified looking at this MARVEL !!!! The details are sooo incredibly rich and STUNNING, I just want to drink them, they look sooo real to be paper pieced I think my eyes are playing tricks with me !!!!! LOL Congratulations on a wonderful block, Ayumi !!!!

  15. freezeframe03 66 months ago | reply

    So delightfully fun! All those flavors look so delicious, it'd be hard to choose.

  16. ayumills 66 months ago | reply

    Thank you so much everyone!

    Sandy in Buenos Aires Sandy, you are too nice!

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