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Haft Seen هفت سین (The Seven S's of the New Year)! | by Ayda Ab
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Haft Seen هفت سین (The Seven S's of the New Year)!

On Explore, March 20th, #42. Thank you all :))


(Please see the notes above and the previous photo's description)


This is the "Christmas Tree" of the Persian New Year! With the year coming to an end and another year approaching (starting March 21or 20), Iranians get their tables ready with the seven items that symbolise the triumph of good over evil. The belief dates back to antiquity but the practice is still very much alive.


The seven items used are vinegar (Serkeh - represents old age and patience), apple (Seeb - symbolises health and beauty ), garlic (Seer - considered medicinal, represents health ), wild olive/ the dried fruit of lotus tree (Senjed - for love ), sumac (Somaq - represents the color of sun and the victory of good over evil), a creamy pudding made from juice of germinating wheat or malt mixed with flour and brought to a consistency (Samanu - signifies sweetness and fertility) and a dish of specially raised wheat or other seed spour (Sabzeh - represents rebirth and renewal). Note that all articles begin with the Persian “S “sound. Along with the seven S's, there are other things you can place on the table which may not begin with letter 's' but have significance. For instance, a book, symbolising wisdom.


Visit this website for more info.:


يا مقلب القلوب والابصار, يا مدبر الليل و النهار, يا محول الحول و الاحوال, حول حالنا الي احسن الحال


سلام دوستان. نوروزتون پيروز، انشا الّله سالی پر از سلامتی، خوشحالی، عشق، و برکت داشته باشيد

امسال سفره هفت سين ما خيلی خوب از آب در اومد، گفتم حتماً عکس هاش رو بگزارم روی فليکر، خوشگل شدن

اگه دوست داشتيد عکس های مربوط به نوروزتون رو اينجا بفرستيد


نوروز نماد جاودان نوشدن است ........................ تجديد جوانی جهان كهن است

زينها همه خوبتر كه هر نو شدنش ................... باز آور ِ نام پاك ايران من است

شعر از نعمت آزرم

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Taken on March 20, 2009