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What's in my bag? April 18

I donated my BLOOD today!

Only 200ml though... since I'm too thin, I can't donate 400ml (you need at least 50kg)

After that, I felt dizzy and really pale, they checked my pressure so many times ^^;

Thanks to free drink and snack, I'm totally fine now~

In Japan, you can read manga while waiting/resting.

It's like free manga cafe... all free... WOW


I really hope my blood will help someone ^^


btw I put the postage stamps in my bag because I ship my shop item to overseas 2-3 times per week.

They open 24hours, but you can only buy those special stamp in daytime. After they checked the weight and shipping cost, I apply the stamp on packages. :D

(I have a kitchen scale in my home, but sometimes my calculation is wrong.. haha... so...)

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Taken on April 18, 2011