Darth Vader Stained Glass Window

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    ...A friend-of-the-family -- who, not coincidentally, took us to see the original Star Wars after its release -- made this for me based on a Christmas card I gave him when I was six years old. It is one of my three prized possessions.

    (Some Random Thoughts About Star Wars)

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    1. Jennifer Ofenstein (sewhooked.com) 82 months ago | reply

      What a fantastic gift...and beautiful, too!

    2. HelloMokona 80 months ago | reply

      That has to be the cutest thing ever! What an awesome gift!

    3. Fort Photo 80 months ago | reply

      Congrats, a blog on that made the front page of digg is featuring this!


    4. axoplasm 80 months ago | reply

      Point of clarification: Jim made this for me in 1978 or 1979.

    5. BleuArts 80 months ago | reply

      That is so rad!

    6. bonniegrrl 80 months ago | reply

      sooooo awesome!

    7. giolou 80 months ago | reply

      cute, the dark side is! what a wonderful collaboration...;D

    8. axoplasm 80 months ago | reply

      Bonnie Burton of the starwars.com blog interviewed me about this window: starwarsblog.starwars.com/index.php/2008/08/08/the-staine...

    9. vard 80 months ago | reply

      That is excellent!

    10. Glen Mullaly 75 months ago | reply

      Wow!!! This is amazing! Thanks for adding it to the group!

    11. Neato Coolville 75 months ago | reply

      This is really cool and and a neat story to go along with it. Do you think your friend still has the Christmas card you made?

    12. JasonLiebig 75 months ago | reply

      That is just amazing!

    13. laura*b 75 months ago | reply

      that is just about the coolest thing EVER!!

    14. darthlaurian 75 months ago | reply

      Wow, that blog entry was intense. I was about nine or ten when the digitally remastered version came out and until I hit the age of 12, I would insist that my sister and I play nothing but Star Wars games. I wish I had a family friend who'd make a stained glass window out of my childhood Star Wars scribbles though. thanks for sharing this! :)

    15. axoplasm 75 months ago | reply

      Thanks all for the comments!

      @Neato: Jim (the guy who made this for me when I was six) returned the card when he gave me the window. Unfortunately the card is long since lost.

    16. lizzie noftle 73 months ago | reply

      Good evening,

      I am a student at The School of Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA. I am doing a book project on people and their most prized possessions. I started looking on flickr to see what people had titled their most prized possession, and I found your photo of your awesome stained glass window!

      I was wondering if I could include you and your prized possession in my book. In a month, I will be getting one copy published from lulu.com, and I could send you the link if you'd want to order a copy of the book for yourself. It will most likely not exceed $10. If you would like to be a part of this, I'd love for you to provide as much or as little of the information below.

      1. Bio: a little about yourself.. where you are from, where you are now, age, sex, name, occupation, etc.
      2. About the possession: a little about the possession.. where you got it, how long you've had it, why it's your most prized possession, memories associated with it, uses for it, etc.
      3. Pictures: obviously there is already one, but if you have more, I'd love them!

      Thank you in advance for helping me with my project. I really look forward to hearing from you. If you don't respond, I will not include your image or anything about you in my book, so no worries about that : )


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