the wonders of the bathtub faucet

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    Very intrigued with the water, my furry dude.

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    1. janoid ages ago | reply

      Another fabulous shot!! :)

    2. epiphany15 ages ago | reply

      so funny! i can never get my cat to sit still long enough for me to take pictures of it...grrr.

    3. MaureenduLong ages ago | reply

      Love the B&W!

    4. Valpopando ages ago | reply

      Incredible capture , perfect contrast B/W
      bravissima !!!!

    5. warthogphil ages ago | reply

      Hey Sara....seeing a couple of new shots of the boy was just what I needed to pep me up (been sick as a dog all week).

    6. Sara Heinrichs (awfulsara) ages ago | reply

      awwwww, poor warthog. :/ How's the sunburn? I bet some cat claws would feel lovely on tender back...

    7. *tdl* ages ago | reply

      great image. i really like the bw tones.

    8. Bill Liao ages ago | reply


    9. mia. [deleted] ages ago | reply

      super cute, and nice capture!

    10. Viva La Marx ages ago | reply

      This is such a lucky shot. It is a wonderful capture! Who said cats didn't like water? lol

    11. Sara Heinrichs (awfulsara) ages ago | reply

      Oh nooooo the crazy time was last night! I decided late last night that I wanted a cozy bath before bed, so I filled the tub, lit a couple candles, slid into to bath goodness with a book and was just relaxing.

      Suddenly Mr. Furry Pants here popped his head over the edge of the tub, eyes all wide. To my utter horror, he hopped up on the edge of the tub and teetered there staring down at the water and hesitantly reaching with his paw down at the surface. Graphic images of him losing his balance and the bath turning into a pool of blood and screeching Sara as he exited, I sat very still and had a little chat with my small man.

      "Furry Pants," I said, "What the good god damn are you doing swatting at my bath with your prickly tipped paw?" He didn't answer (he never does), but he twitched his tail and circumnavigated the tub while I sat like a nekked sacrificial offering in my steaming bath.

      He sniffed at the candle and wrinkled his nose, but didn't singe his whiskers. He stood front paws on my shoulders and peered down at me, then shook each paw out, hopped down, and sauntered away.

      He's cool.

    12. Jirrupin ages ago | reply

      love the story, fantastic picture!

    13. mnkyhead ages ago | reply

      I love the texture of his fur in contrast with the smooth tub. Great image.

    14. Robert of Fairfax ages ago | reply

      Cats may hate to swim. But do they love to play and drink a trickle.

    15. Adam Pena ages ago | reply

      You're invited to post this wonderful photo (and any other related photos) to:

    16. CascadeFoto ages ago | reply

      too cute! love the curiosity and focus he has :D

    17. Chrissie64 ages ago | reply

      Maine Coons are very inquisitive

    18. {Marzia} ages ago | reply

      Please tag your photo with "bestofcats"!

    19. honeypieLiving 118 months ago | reply

      If I got to wish for a bathroom..
      - this beauty ended up in a tribute mosaic I just made.
      (Wish for both the stunning faucet & the beautiful, cute cat!)

      Hope You'll like the little blue mix
      half as much as I love this photo of Yours!

      all My Best / hannah

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