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Ansco Vest Pocket Readyset

Ansco's smallest Readyset - for 2C (127) film. Seems to have been introduced around the same time as the Kodak Vest Pocket Model B, although I'm not certain which came first.


Unfortunately it's not a very well designed or durable camera - the location of the viewfinder makes it difficult to change the shutter setting, the folding bed is only supported by one side brace (visible here) - and the stand not only fails to provide adequate support - it's also slightly too long, so the camera sits at an incline instead of flat.


There are no tripod mounting points, or a provision for a cable release.


However, in keeping with the Ansco tradition, film loading is much easier than it is on Kodak's 127 counterparts. The 127 spools just snap right in, and are held in positively - unlike in the fiddly Model B kodaks, where the film just kind of lays loose in the camera body.


Ansco's folding 127 cameras are rather hard to find, compared to their 127 box cameras. The 127 Readyset is nearly impossible to find compared to the 116 and 120 variants. They obviously did not sell very many.

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Taken on September 16, 2009