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重庆辣子鸡 Chongqing Spicy Chicken - Dainty Sichuan | by avlxyz
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重庆辣子鸡 Chongqing Spicy Chicken - Dainty Sichuan

重庆辣子鸡 Chongqing Spicy Chicken - Dainty Sichuan AUD24.90


3-chillies hot!



It's nice to see that they took the care to spruce up the decor with lots of dark wooden panels. "Spruce" get it? :P


Even better is the fact that the familiar spicy Sichuan aromas smack you in the face as soon as you walk in. Faced with a dozen diners waiting patiently in line, I rock up to the counter to pick up the all important numbered ticket to ensure that I'm not lost in the queue!


The food here couldn't be better. The flavours here are more spicy than 巴国布衣 Tooraking, but also more subtle. The 重庆辣子鸡 Chongqing Spicy Chicken is not just chillies studded with fried chicken, there's also subtle hints of ginger, coriander and sesame seeds that work very well. Never mind that it is 3-chillies hot!


On the other hand, the 辣酱熏鱼 Spicy Smoked Fish was packed with Sichuan Peppers which numbs and gives you tingles in your mouth. 麻辣 "Ma La" (numbing spicyness) it most certainly is. Julia thought that the fish was a bit too fishy., even though it is evenly scored to allow the flavours to infuse through.


The 麻辣凉粉 Spicy Bean Jelly had the most wonderful sauce. It was a great balance of warmth from the chillies, tingly from the Sichuan peppers, savoury from probably a good bean paste, and loads of garlic. I ended up mopping it up with rice. :)


天府川菜馆 Dainty Sichuan Food

26 Corrs La Melbourne 3000

(03) 9663 8861



- Dainty Sichuan, by Matt Preston, The Age, September 3, 2007

- Dainty Sichuan - Mietta's



- 麻辣凉粉 Spicy Bean Jelly - AUD5

- 重庆辣子鸡 Chongqing Spicy Chicken - AUD24.90

- 辣酱熏鱼 Spicy Smoked Fish - AUD8

- Warning: Very Very Spicy!!!

- Asian and Caucasian diners

- Asian Students

- Queueing for tables

- Chockers


Update 2009.01.23: This photo featured in Essential Cookbooks for the Culinary Traveler -

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Taken on October 10, 2008