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    Assam Laksa - Laksa King AUD9.20

    Even on a Tuesday night a queue of Asians and Caucasians are waiting for a spicy steambing bowl of laksa. Just as well I called half an about before to reserve a table, and even then, we had to wait for 10 minutes!

    The curry laksa was quite good. The richness of the coconut milk and balanced by the spices and fresh herbs. If I were to be picky, I'd would say that I prefer more belacan in the soup, but that might be a bit much for the Western palate.

    Julia's Assam Laksa was again exemplary, and not as liberal with the chilli as the hawker version of Malaysia, again, a slight compromise for the more delicate tastes.

    I had to get some sambal belacan to see if it was up to scratch. Taste-wise it was quite mild, with a good balance of the pungent belacan to spices, and with a measure of sourness from the tamarind. However, the texture seemed a bit watery, perhaps watered down, but hey, it's still good!

    Laksa King Restaurant
    (03) 9372 6383
    Shp3/ 320 Racecourse Rd
    Flemington VIC 3031

    - Yummy food done dirt cheap, by Nina Rousseau, The Age, Epicure, February 19, 2008
    World Food Dish of the Year
    5. Seafood curry laksa at the Laksa King, 320 Racecourse Road, Footscray, 9372 6383
    - Laksa King - Mietta's

    A chilli-laced coconut broth packed with green lip mussels, king prawns, a deep-fried chunk of eggplant, two types of noodles and calamari. That's just not authentic. Stick with the chicken and fish cake laksa, with the deep-fried chunk of eggplant and beancurd that soaks up the curry goodness! :)

    - Lady-boss
    - Boss-man
    - Takeaway counter
    - Curry Laksa
    - Assam Laksa
    - Sambal Belacan

    1. zelciia 83 months ago | reply

      eh this is the penang style laksa, right?

    2. koe2moe 83 months ago | reply

      it looks very good already!!!! at least you can get it... close enough!!

    3. avlxyz 83 months ago | reply

      ze|ciia, yep, Penang-style Assam Laksa... mmm... i'm salivating just looking at this again :)

      koe2moe, yeah! It's not in a part of town I usually go to though, which is a pain.
      i've had to DIY Assam Laksa once or twice :P
      or have Aunt Shirley's Assam Laksa! :)

    4. musiquegirl 83 months ago | reply

      you have so many nice food shots!

    5. avlxyz 83 months ago | reply

      ahem... are you trying to imply that i eat too much? :P

    6. musiquegirl 83 months ago | reply

      absolutely not!!

      you just have good food to take photos of...

    7. avlxyz 83 months ago | reply

      Thanks :)
      i try... and obviously, i do love trying new foods!

    8. {o-f-f} 76 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called My Sweet Dinner, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    9. avlxyz 76 months ago | reply

      eяica, thanks for the invitation. Added.

    10. Vik R'tson 25 months ago | reply

      Looks delectable!

    11. avlxyz 25 months ago | reply

      this was a long time ago!
      i hope it is still good.

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