Dancefloor long - exposure - Element Lounge

Having friends who are friends of club owners has it's advantages :)

The door bitch outside reluctantly gave us entry tokens, while a queue was starting to form just before 11pm.


Still, an unplanned club visit left me feeling a little underdressed in jeans and slightly ratty casual shoes.


The club was filled with incense, which was not entirely unpleasant, although it was a bit confusing to the senses which insisted of thinking of a quiet temple. Eventually, the doof doof of the RnB and House music won out.



Element Lounge

The Basement 85 Queen St Melbourne 3000

(03) 9670 4880







We had tried to get into Silk Road, but it looked a bit too posh for an unplanned visit. Perhaps next time...

Just as well we didn't try... the decor is over the top!

- Silk Road on Collins - Deck of Secrets

- Silk Road, by Dani Valent, The Age April 8, 2008 - "Can I have some whitebait with my salt here, mate?"


Harsh comments though!

I love the eating concept at Silk Road, kind of like a food court, except the builder was Kubla Khan not Westfield and your stately pleasure dome is fuelled by flashy $29 cocktails rather than opium pipes. If the food had been better and it had arrived in reasonable time, I'd be happy to hitch another ride.


Silk Road

425 Collins St Melbourne 3000

(03) 9614 4888





- Bar Area

- Empty Dancefloor

- David and Lilian

- Ann, Isabel

- Amye, Shanny, Molley

- Julia, Isabel, Shanny, Lilian, David, Molley, Ann dancing

- Julia

- Dancefloor

- Dancefloor - long exposure

- Isabel, Ann, Molley dancing

- Silk Road Nightclub



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Taken on April 20, 2008