No Facebook - Blessington St, St Kilda

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    heh heh... I promise, I won't talke about Facebook :)

    The sign says:
    Important Notice
    Talking about "Facebook" is strictly prohibited on these premises

    Seen at: (approx)
    37 Blessington St St Kilda 3182
    (03) 9534 0092

    Update 2007.12.04:
    From Asia's richest man buys Facebook stake, The Age December 4, 2007 - 10:58AM
    Facebook has raised $US60 million ($A68.33 million) from Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing, adding to the list of financial heavyweights backing the online hangout's rapid growth.

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    1. dkomdiane 74 months ago | reply

      am gonna put the same on my own door!

    2. avlxyz 74 months ago | reply

      aww... facebook is fun, but only if u also talk to real friends! :)

    3. Marcellina. 74 months ago | reply

      HAHAHAH!! I was a myspace junkie for the LOOOONGEST, so it's natural for me to hate on Facebook. ^_^

      Great find!

      Seen featured on Phillyist.

    4. avlxyz 72 months ago | reply

      Marcellina., we'll just agree to disagree on MySpace vs Facebook vs Bebo vs Twitter, shall we ;)
      thanks for the head up on the Phillyist article too!
      i can't believe how popular this photo is :)

    5. avlxyz 71 months ago | reply

      malaerba, thanks for using my photo!
      sorry to hear of your bad experience on facebook. it is a great website, but u have to be careful not to expose too much.

    6. kassy humphreys 70 months ago | reply

      Very funny - a great example of why Melbourne is such a brilliant place to live.

    7. avlxyz 70 months ago | reply

      yeah :)
      The quirky cafes and understated chic definitely make Melbourne unique!

    8. avlxyz 68 months ago | reply

      An amazing 67 people count this photo as a favorite!!!

      Facebook, u have a lot to answer for :)

    9. aaron_language 65 months ago | reply

      Nice shot. You really captured a piece of culture here. I am not sure what is behind the sentiment, but it is a great photo. Thanks for putting the photo up with the CC license, enabling us to use it. We have used this photo for our topic of the week and are emailing now to say thanks. Yes, that was a number of months ago that we put it up. You can see the photo at Your name is under the photo, which links to our credits page at Your name there links to your profile here at Flickr.

    10. avlxyz 65 months ago | reply

      aaron_language, i've got a bit of a treasure trove of photos eh? :)
      Thanks for using it!

      i think the cafe owners put this sign up partly in jest after getting sick of hearing everyone ask about what they saw on facebook etc. as if that was all life is about!

    11. Dave_B_ 59 months ago | reply

      ohh how I hate FB, kudos!

    12. avlxyz 59 months ago | reply

      fb isn't that bad :)
      addiction is!

    13. aaron_language 58 months ago | reply

      Yes, you have a treasure trove! And we appreciate being able to use parts of it!

      Thanks again!

    14. agent26 57 months ago | reply


    15. avlxyz 57 months ago | reply

      it's amazing how this photo is still getting so much attention after 3 years :)
      that's a testament to how big facebok has become!

    16. Trevor Coultart 55 months ago | reply

      Hi there. Thanks for making this available with a Creative Commons licence. I've used it to illustrate a blog post. Hope that's okay.

    17. avlxyz 55 months ago | reply

      , thanks for using my photo!
      i find that when I go on holiday, I can live without facebook and twitter :)

    18. ServijerArVro 46 months ago | reply

      Very funny this photo of Saint Kilda

    19. avlxyz 46 months ago | reply

      thanks :)

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