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Hair Wash Tutorial by Aveuch

Dedicated to the lovely Sock <3


I want to help eliminate the fear and apprehension. I do this regularly and Aimee is still alive and active, with a full head of hair, that I curl, straighten, tease, braid, style up and down.


If I can do this so can you!


1. Fill sink with HOT water. My sink steams. And I find this is just as effective as waiting for water to boil and waiting for the steam to go away.


2. DUNK. Make sure the hair is wet.


3. LATHER. I use human shampoo. Depending on your needs, you may choose to use dish soap. Dish soap helps to make hair less greasy and more pleasant to the touch and helps to detangle. But dries. Human shampoo helps to detangle and overall helps to reduce frizz.


4. DETANGLE. This is really the most important, and time consuming step. The lather/soap acts as a lubricant but it is up to you to comb out with your fingers so that there are no knots or tangles. Take your time, as this really is the most important step.


5. SWISH. It's hard to describe the need for swishing. The hot water, and lather, and combing, is all an attempt to relax the individual strands. Why do you think they shampoo your hair in a bowl at the salon? The hair appreciates the space to move.


6. SWISH. Swish some more. Swish and dunk.


7. DUNK.


8. RINSE. You will see the water start to run clear, at this point you can stop. You should be able to run your fingers through the hair at this point easily, if not keep on lathering and running your fingers through.


9. RINSE. Don't be afraid of the water. As you can see I'm not submerging her head, it's just the hair. The temperature of the water does not matter at this point. You also want to drain the sink. And start with fresh water for the conditioning.


10. CONDITIONER. This is the big debate in the blythe community. Human conditioner vs. fabric softener. My preference is for human conditioner. This is my personal choice for girls like Amaryllis, T42, Winsome Willow. In my experience I find that fabric softener leaves hair too greasy. And makes my hands peal. I am more comfortable using human conditioner.


11. STOP. Let her sit for 10 minutes. An hour. Or even over night. If this is your first time. Let her sit as long as you can. Remember her hair is synthetic. If you have more than one girl this would be the perfect time to start the process with the next girl.


12. RINSE. Keep finger combing and brushing.


13. RINSE.


14. COMB. Slowly. There is no rush. You want to be able to brush/comb the hair easily.


15. COMB


16. ICE. Dunk her hair into ice water. Synthetic hair is temperature sensitive. The ice helps the hair to seize. Notice the next photo.


17. ADMIRE YOUR WORK I helped this along a little do demonstrate what I mean by "seize". Remember what I said about relaxing? The ice helps shock the hair back into place.


18. DRY. Towel dry.


19. COMB. At this point I actually switched over from the plastic brush to a fine tooth comb.


20. FIN


At this point you can proceed to steam iron or curl using any method you like.

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Taken on January 25, 2011