HDR Mixes
These aren't normal!

Be sure to check out the group if you want to make your own! HDR Mixes. These are all done with the wonderful HDR program Oloneo PhotoEngine.

Tip: LIE to your HDR program, have two of the images correct, and then for the third change the exposure settings to be -1, 1, or 0. Or close, ±2 something is ok as well!

HDR images are composed of three identical pictures: One too dark, one too light, and one a normal exposure. Combined on the computer, I am able to find the exact image I want: I shift through the brights and shadows, to find pull out the details.

In my HDR mixes, I choose two of the ‘correct’ images, and then throw in a third ‘incorrect’ image. While giving the computer a heart attack trying to reconcile the differences, I change the settings to my heart’s content, and then save the flattened image.
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