Return to Tabili
For its 4 year anniversary, Avatrian makes a return trip to Tabili. Since our last visit, there are now 128 students in this rural elementary school (a significant increase from 59 just 2 years ago). Big credit to the improvement in attendance goes to the Barangay Captain (DanDan Demana), the two full-time school teachers (yes only 2), and the sponsors who provided funds for additional classroom structures in Tabili Elementary School.

This year, the school administrators requested slippers since it is what the kids would need most of all. Many of the students live as far as 5 km from school and walking is the primary mode of getting there and back home. However, shortage in basic school supplies and teaching equipment is a challenge as well.

Avatrian’s small contribution was made possible by revenues generated from products and services in Second Life, OpenSim and other virtual worlds.
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